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Chickenmag.com About us

My name is Alex McClain, and my wife Catherine and I have left San Antonio to start a homesteading adventure by the lovely Guadalupe River near Segun, Texas.

Our blog is all about breeding and raising poultry and livestock. We want to share our knowledge with others who are interested in this lifestyle and help them get started on their homesteading journey.

We have always been interested in self-sufficiency and sustainable living, and homesteading is the perfect way to live out those values. We are excited to be able to share our experiences with others and help them create their little slice of paradise.

If you’re interested in learning more about homesteading or just want to keep up with our journey, be sure to follow our blog! We’ll be posting new articles regularly, so there’s always something new to check out.

Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you soon on the homestead!

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