Best Automatic Chicken Coop Doors and Openers with Timer

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If you’re like me, you have a bunch of chickens that need to be let out in the morning and at night, it can be frustrating to get up every morning or twice per day (depending on your routine) and let them out or close them in. Not only is it time consuming, but some people might not want to go outside when it’s cold and dark! That’s where an automatic chicken coop door or an automatic door opener comes in handy.

Having an automatic timer controlled chicken coop door is both a timesaving and safety feature. It helps to ensure that your chickens are protected when they are sleeping inside of the coop at night if you somehow manage to forget to lock up everything.

Here, we are going to go through the best automatic chicken coop doors on the market. Five of them, in fact. We are hopeful that one or two of these will catch your attention.

Top 5 Automatic Chicken Coop Doors and Openers

JVR Automatic Chicken Coop Door with Opener

There is no better way to start this list than with the JVR Automatic Chicken Coop Door. This contraption contains a big enough door to easily fit most chicken and duck coops. So, if you have a standard-sized coop, or even one a little bit larger, then you can feel confident that this bit of kit is going to be working perfectly for you.

The JVR Automatic Chicken Coop Door is easy to install. You don’t really have to play about with the wiring at all. In fact, this is about as close to ‘plug and play’ as you are going to be getting with a chicken coop door with timer.

You have full control over the timer settings. So, you set when you want that door to open and shut. Safety features help to prevent chickens from getting stuck in the door too i.e. it is not going to close if there is a chicken in the way.

ChickenGuard Self Locking Door

Sadly, you won’t be getting the actual automated part here. You will need to purchase that separately like this one. What you will be getting, however, is a door that will lock automatically when it is shut.

This means that all of your precious birds in that coop are going to be protected from those ghastly predators.

This ChickenGuard Self Locking Door is the first door in the world to feature that automatic locking functionality. Obviously, other doors will close on a schedule, but they won’t lock. If you have a smart predator, they could easily lift it up. That won’t be a problem at all with this self-locking door.

As we said, you are going to need to purchase an actual automatic door closer if you want to use this. However, any of the ones on this list should be more than fine. Although, we do recommend the ChickenGuard door opener with timer that we recommend at the end! It is literally built for the job.

Coop Defender Gold Automatic Chicken Coop Door Closer With Timer

This automatic door closer for a chicken coop is fantastic. Now, you have your standard way to set the door to open and close. This means setting a timer. However, we know that for some people this is going to be a little bit of a hassle. After all, the day length does change.

This means that predators can come out a little bit earlier at some times of the year.

This is why the Coop Defender Gold has a daylight sensor built into it too. The purpose of the daylight sensor is to be able to check the sunlight levels. When the sun is bright out, the door will open. When it gets dark, the door will close.

This means that once you have this system installed, you don’t really need to think about changing up the settings. Just make sure that the unit is powered and the door closer will be doing the rest of the work for you.

Getting this system installed is dead simple. All you need to do is add 4 x AA batteries and you are ready to go. The batteries are going to last an incredibly long time too, which is always going to be handy, right?

AdorStore Automatic Chicken Coop Door

Now we have something a little bit different!

The other chicken coop doors that we have spoken about tend to have a wire that lifts a door up. This is fine and all, but wires can get damaged. This is why we want to point out this door.

The lifting mechanism is built into the actual door. No breakable wires. Nothing. All you need to do is attach this over your chicken coop and you are ready to roll.

This bit of kit is powered by a 6V battery, which should be more than enough to last a year. So, you don’t even need to think about it.

There is no time setting here. Instead, everything is determined by the day and night cycle. However, don’t worry. The user of the AdorStore Automatic Chicken Coop Door will be able to change up the sensitivity of these sensors so that you get it to the point that you are happy with.

Once installed and shut, it is unlikely that a predator is going to be able to get through the door. It is just too secure!

ChickenGuard Premium Automatic Chicken Door Opener With Timer

Let’s wrap up with this quality timer controlled door opener for coop. It is suitable for just about all chicken coop doors. However, we feel that it is probably going to be awesome for those that buy the ChickenGuard self-locking door that we mentioned previously.

You are able to set the time that the doors open and close in multiple ways. You have your normal timer option, but you can also set it to open and close based upon the sunlight levels. It is completely your choice. The ChickenGuard Premium Automatic Chicken Door Opener will just listen to what you have to say!

Perhaps our favorite feature of this door is the ‘door closed’ indicator. This light can supposedly be seen from at least 100-yards away. This means that you can check if your chicken coop door is closed from the comfort of your own home. As long as your chicken coop door is under 100-yards away, you should be able to check that light. It gives you peace of mind!

This is a tough automatic chicken coop door opener, and it is easily going to be providing you with years of life.

The best thing is that it has a USB port that allows an external power supply, including solar, so you can have an automatic chicken door powered on solar energy.

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