Black Copper Marans Egg Color Chart

While the black copper Marans chicken may not have the popularity that it used to enjoy in years gone by, the chicken is still much-loved among those people that are looking for chickens that lay dark brown eggs. This chicken breed lays some of the darkest eggs imaginable, with colors that can range from russet to deep chocolate brown. If you’re curious about what color eggs your new flock will lay, take a look at our handy black copper Marans egg color chart below!

The black copper Marans may be the bird for you if you want to add a little of variety to your egg basket. This chicken can lay a significant number of them too. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Which Marans Lay The Darkest Eggs?

Marans chickens are prized for their rich, dark eggs, and many chicken enthusiasts strive to produce the darkest eggs possible. While all Marans can lay eggs with dark brown shells, some varieties are known to produce especially dark eggs.

Did you know that there are different colors of eggs that Marans chickens can lay? Some eggs are tinted, some are russet, and some are chocolate brown. The color of an eggshell is determined by the variety of the Marans breed, not the diet.

The salmon Marans chickens lay the darkest eggs of all Marans chicken breeds.

So, if you’re curious about the color of eggs your Marans chickens will lay, check out the black copper Marans egg color chart below.

Black Copper Marans Egg Color Chart

In the Marans egg color chart below, you can see which Marans lays what color eggs, so you’ll know what to expect.

For example, from the chart, we may see that black copper Marans eggs range from the hue of light russet to the hue of light chocolate, while wheaten Marans lay down all the way from the hue of light red to hue of light russet.

black copper marans egg color chart
Black Copper Marans Egg Color Chart

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How Many Eggs Does Black Copper Marans Lay Each Year?

The Marans hen occasionally go broody, but lays 150-200 large eggs each year.

As you already saw from the Marans egg color chart above, you’ll be getting some of the darkest eggs imaginable. They are nice and large, which means that you will be enjoying a delicious egg.

One of the brilliant things about the Marans chicken is that it is a sex-linked breed i.e. if you breed them properly, then you will be able to tell whether the chick is a male or female as soon as they have hatched.

However, you have to do this in a very specific way. The Marans hen that you use doesn’t matter. However, to get that sex-link, you need to be using Marans roosters that have a black bar on their feathering. Around 50% of the chickens that you breed will come out like this, so you shouldn’t have that many issues finding one!

Why are My Black Copper Marans Eggs Light Brown?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to Marans chickens and their eggs.

The answer is that the egg color is governed by a recessive gene, so if you breed a Maran hen with another breed, the dark eggs will become light.

If you want your Marans to lay the darkest eggs possible, don’t breed it with any other chicken breed. This will help to keep the darkness of the eggs consistent.

Raising the Marans Chicken

If you enjoy chocolate eggs and have determined your favorite Marans variety based on the Marans egg color chart above, it’s time to learn some information about this chicken breed.

Raising the Marans chicken is not going to be the easiest chicken to raise for beginners. This is because while it is not aggressive, it isn’t the most docile of breeds in the world. This means that you probably won’t find it being all that friendly.

That being said, there are no major health issues with the Marans chicken. As long as you protect their comb, then the chicken is also going to be great during the winter months.

They also do well in confinement despite being larger birds, although we do still encourage you to let them run around as much as possible so that they can enjoy the environment and forage a little bit, which they love to do.

If you are a homesteader that is looking for a productive bird and not one that you can bond with, the Marans chicken is going to be an awesome option.

Because this is a large bird, it works incredibly well as a meat chicken breed. While it is almost certainly not the fastest-growing chicken in the world, the vast majority of people will be raising the Marans chicken with the hope of getting some dark brown eggs from it.

The fact that it can produce meat is going to be more of a side benefit, albeit a very welcome one.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for a beautiful addition to your backyard flock or some delicious, dark brown eggs, the black copper Marans is a great choice. With a wide color range and an annual egg production of 150-200 eggs, this chicken has it all!

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