Can Chickens Eat Cucumber

Cucumbers are high in water and low in calories It is known that fruits and vegetables of all kinds offer a range of health benefits for people. But can chickens eat cucumber?

Well, that is what we are going to take a look on this page.

can chickens eat cucumber
Can Chickens Eat Cucumber

Can Chickens Eat Cucumber?

Yes, chickens can eat cucumber. They absolutely can. In fact, chickens absolutely love to munch on a good bit of cucumber every now and then. The same way they like watermelon.

We wouldn’t make the cucumber a staple part of your chicken’s diet. In fact, you shouldn’t have any fruit or vegetables as a staple part of your chicken’s diet, but it should make a good snack every now and then.

Remember; even though the cucumber doesn’t taste sweet, there will still be a few sugars in the cucumber. This means that it is not always going to be the best thing for your chickens to munch down on.

If they are obese (or a breed of chicken that is known to be on the larger side of things), then you may want to cut down on all fruits and vegetables that you give them. This includes cucumbers.

How to Feed Cucumber to Your Chicken

When you are feeding cucumbers to your chicken, you will want to ensure that you feed them the freshest cucumbers that you can get your hands on. They should be fully mature cucumbers too. It tastes a lot better for the chicken.

While you could, feasibly, put a whole cucumber into the chicken’s food and they will happily peck away at it, we find that the best option is to cube up the cucumber and mix it up with a few other fresh vegetables.

Basically, you are going to be making a salad for your chickens, so chickens can eat cucumber salad.

The one exception for this is during the summer when we suggest that you give your chickens cucumber ‘straight’, but more on that in a short while.

While it is unlikely that your chickens will not eat the cucumber, it is still worth keeping an eye on their coop. If they leave any cucumber behind, you should clean it out within a few hours. This way the cucumber is not going to be attracting pests, which results in far happier and healthier chickens…which is exactly what you want!

can chickens eat cucumber

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Cucumbers Are Great for Chickens During the Summer

One of the wonderful things about cucumbers is the fact that they are packed to the brim with water. In the summer, certain breeds of chicken can find it immensely difficult to get enough water into their system.

This means that they can overheat and, ultimately, become dehydrated. This isn’t good for the health of your chicken, let alone egg production.

Some backyard chicken owners will cool down a good bit of cucumber when the summer rolls around. They then feed it to their chickens cold. Not only that the chickens will eat cucumber but they will going to love the cucumber taste, but they are also going to be cooled down by the temperature of the cucumber, as well as the water content inside of it.

Of course, this shouldn’t stop you from feeding your chickens cucumber at other times of the year, but it does work best as a summer snack. It is just as well that this is the time of the year when you are going to find the freshest cucumber on the shelves.

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