Can Sheep Eat Corn? Read Before You Feed

We all know that sheep are herbivores. If you own sheep, then you will probably know that a key part of your sheep’s diet will be hay, grasses, etc. However, sheep tend to wander about quite a bit. They always experiment with their foods, even if it sometimes isn’t great for them. This means that there is a burning question that needs to be answered; can sheep eat corn?

feeding corn to sheep

Can Sheep Eat Corn?

Corn is a vegetable or a grain, depending on when it is harvested. Sheep are fine consuming both vegetables and grain.

So, yes, sheep can eat corn and they do like to have corn as a bit of a treat, but they should never consume too much of it. It should be a treat, and nothing more.

If you give them too much, then there is a risk that they could either end up with an upset stomach, or they may not be getting all of the nutrients that they need to thrive.

That being said, corn isn’t great for sheep. It isn’t necessarily unhealthy, but it is very calorie-dense, and it doesn’t contain anywhere near the number of nutrients that a sheep needs.

For example, there isn’t a whole lot of protein in corn.

This means that it isn’t enough for a growing sheep, nor is it enough for a pregnant or lactating sheep. They need the other foods in their diet.

This means the foods that they normally eat e.g. grasses, and whatever else you feed them typically.

Can Sheep Eat Corn On the Cob?

Sheep can eat corn on the cob, but it’s not the greatest thing for them, and we definitely do not recommend it.

The cob is actually very hard for them to digest and can cause blockages in their digestive system.

If you do give your sheep corn on the cob, make sure to supervise them so that they don’t choke on it.

How Much Corn Should You Give Your Sheep?

Just a small amount.

We are assuming that you are talking about corn as a vegetable here. You can break off some of the corn and give it to them.

It should be fine, but no more than a handful per day. However, in our opinion, even a handful a day is going to be too much in some cases. You should only ever be giving your sheep one treat per day.

can sheep eat corn

If you are giving them cracked corn, which is fine, then you can give them about a handful too. However, we suggest that you mix it up into their other feed if you are going to go down that route, or even spread it about on the ground so they can grab what they need.

How Do You Prepare Corn For a Sheep?

You don’t have to do much preparation to give corn to your sheep. As long as you are not feeding them corn on the cob, then they should be fine. Just give them small grains of corn.

As we mentioned before, it is actually probably better to spread it about on the ground than mix it up with their feed. Sheep love to forage, and it means that if the corn does rot, it doesn’t ruin the rest of their feed.

Final Thoughts

Sheep can eat corn, but it is fairly low in protein. We suggest that you do not give it to younger sheep or lactating mothers.

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