Can Swans Eat Apples? Few Precautions You Need To Take

The swan family in the pond near my house is very happy this year. I have been feeding them apples to help them through the winter, and they show their gratitude by coming by for more every day. Feeding these beautiful animals has become one of my favorite things to do during the cold months.

can swans eat apples

There are many reasons why people feed swans with apples – whether it’s out of a sense of sentimentality or just an act of kindness, swans can always be found waddling around for that next apple!

But is it wise to feed swans with apples? Let’s take a look.

Can Swans Eat Apples?

Yes, swans can eat apples. These elegant, graceful birds love to eat apples. They also enjoy other fruits and vegetables as well.

Swans eat a variety of foods, including large amounts of aquatic plants. They also consume small animals such as frogs and fish.

Some swans will happily snack on small insects (such as dragonflies) when given the chance. Swans same as ducks are omnivores after all.

Swans typically feed in the morning or evening when they can’t see well.

So, the short answer is yes, swans can eat apples, however, of course there are a few preciouses that you need to take into consideration.

Apples and Apple Seeds Can be Bad for Swans

The swans in the pond are eating apples because people feed them, but this can have negative effects on their health.

While it might seem like a good idea to give these animals something that they enjoy during the winter months, feeding them too many apples also has dangerous side-effects!

Yes, swans love to eat apples, but apples have a high sugar content, which means that swans should be careful not to overeat them or else the treat could cause health problems such as obesity.

Swans may also injure their neck from eating fruit too quickly because it is easier for them to swallow the whole apple. Additionally, apple seeds can get stuck in an swan’s throat causing discomfort.

It’s best to feed swans one piece of apple at a time instead of throwing whole pieces into the water all at once.

You Should Be Very Careful When Feeding Swans With Apples

The swan can often mistake the apples for frogs and swallow them whole, leading to choking.

The apple becomes lodged and blocks the digestive tract, leading to a slow death by starvation.

It’s important to note that swans have a very sensitive digestive system. So much so, they can’t eat an entire apple in one sitting. Forcing them to digest too many apples at once will most likely make their stomachs start making gurgling noises and growl as the food is being processed through their bodies.

As I already said, you should only give your swan a few small pieces of apple or else it could lead to major health problems for your beloved winged friend!

Moreover, the apples can contain high levels of pesticides and chemicals which will then build up inside their bodies over time. The eggs laid by female swans could be contaminated with toxins from those apples as well.

When humans eat fruit or vegetables grown using pesticides, we may get sick too; so if you’re thinking about feeding your favorite feathered friends next year make sure to do some research first!


Swans are elegant, graceful birds that enjoy eating apples. They also love other fruits and vegetables like grapes, oranges, cherries, bananas…the list goes on! If you have swans in your local pond or lake, feed them some of these delicious fruit – they’ll be so grateful.

Just keep in mind to not overfed them and to not feed swans with whole apples as it can cause health problems.

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