Do Chickens Eat Ticks and How to Deal With Ticks In The Coop?

Are you wondering how to get rid of ticks from your yard or keep them away from your chickens? This is a common problem for many people living in rural areas. There are some natural ways that can help control tick populations, but first let’s start by finding out if chickens eat ticks and what you should do when they’re found on the ground.

Let’s find out!

What Are Ticks?

Ticks are spiderlike body parasites, and they feed on the blood of humans, chickens, dogs and other animals.

chickens and ticks

There are plenty of ticks out there that don’t actually bite into your skin but rather stay hidden underneath clothing or burrow themselves into the ground.

Once attached these types of ticks typically do not come off with just a simple pull – you have to scrape them off using a knife, needle or other instrument.

Do Chickens Eat Ticks?

Yes chickens eat ticks and they are excellent for tick control. Chickens love to hunt and eat ticks. Chickens are the most versatile of insects and ticks are one of their favorite foods.

We all know that chickens enjoy eating grasshoppers, ants and other bugs like them but it is not very clear if chickens also feed on tics or get rid of ticks naturally.

Ticks can be a real annoyance for humans as these tiny bloodsucking creatures can transmit dangerous diseases when biting us. The good news is that chickens seem to be helping us out with this problem.

In order to understand how chickens eat ticks the first thing you need to do is check your chicken coop.

You should look for ticks in your coop as that will help you realize if you have a tick problems or not.

If there are already some ticks on your chickens this means that they were hatched somewhere around your coop or inside it so you should take action to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

Should I Prevent My Chickens From Consuming Ticks?

Chickens are great for controlling ticks in your backyard, and ticks are perfectly safe for chickens to eat.

You should allow your chickens to eat whatever ticks they can catch, and you shouldn’t do anything to stop them.

Chickens are natural hunters, and will go after a wide variety of insects ranging from flies to slugs to mosquitoes. Ticks are on the menu as well!

By allowing your hens access to a diverse ecosystem in and around your yard, you’ll be keeping all sorts of unwanted pests out of your garden.

What Chicken Breed is Best For Tick Control?

Any chicken breed that has an aggressive foraging ability will eat most anything, including ticks.

These breeds have a voracious appetite and they will scratch up the ground so there is more damage to your garden.

These breeds include: Ancona, Houdan, Old English Game, Welsumer, Penedesenca, Spanish chickens.

One breed of chicken that does not fit this list but can be used in place of one is the Orpington which also has a good appetite and good foraging ability (but not as aggressive as the above breeds).

Can Chickens Get Ticks?

Yes, just like other animals, even chickens can get ticks. Ticks will live by consuming a chicken’s skin, feathers, or blood.

Ticks can cause irritation to chickens and most often feather damage. This will result with low egg production and low fertility.

In rare cases it can cause chicken retarded growth and sometimes death.

What To Do When You Notice Ticks Around Your Coop?

It’s important that you educate your family and friends on the danger of ticks and how they affect humans, animals, and livestock.

If you check your chicken coop often enough, and you start noticing some ticks on the ground or ticks that are trying to attach themselves to your favorite birds, it is time to take some action.

There are products available to control tick populations in your home, backyard and around animal pens.

One popular product that works effectively to repel ticks is Vet’s Best Flea and Tick Yard spray.

It has been shown to have a lasting effect after application on lawns, patios, backyards or any outdoor area where ticks might gather. It won’t harm people or pets and flowers.

You can find ticks in grassy areas and this is where they want to hide. They will use long strands of grass to wait for their hosts. To eliminate this, keep your lawn trimmed short!

Keeping a tidy yard is the best way to avoid ticks. Keep them out by keeping an orderly home with no piles of leaves or wood in sight for these pests to hide on.

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