Idaho Pasture Pigs For Sale – Breeders By State

Idaho Pasture pigs are a popular breed of pig that is known for its ability to thrive in a range of climates. If you are looking for a hardy pig that will do well on your property, then Idaho Pasture pigs might be the right choice for you. In this blog post, we will provide a listing of reputable breeders across the US, so that you can find Idaho Pasture pigs for sale near you.

Idaho Pasture pigs for sale

We hope that this information will help you find the perfect pig for your needs. But first, let’s learn a little bit more about the Idaho Pasture pig breed.

Introducing the Idaho Pasture Hog: The Newest, Most Versatile Breed of Pig

The Idaho pasture hog is a “hybrid” of three popular breeds of pigs: the Berkshire, Duroc pigs and Kunekunes.

This new breed was developed by crossing these three breeds with the goal of creating a pig that would grow faster, graze the grass instead of rooting and be more resistant to disease.

The result is a pig that is not only easy to care for, but also thrives in a variety of environments.

One of the most notable features of the Idaho pasture hog is its upturned snout, which discourages rooting and promotes above-ground foraging and grazing behavior.

This makes the Idaho pasture hog an ideal candidate for rotational grazing, as they are less likely to damage delicate grasses and other plants. In addition, their diet consists mostly of grasses, which helps keep pastures healthy and vibrant. 

If you’re thinking about adding an Idaho pasture hog to your farm or homestead, there’s one more thing you should know: they’re incredibly friendly animals with great dispositions.

So if you’re looking for a pig that’s not only versatile and easy to care for, but also charming and fun to be around, the Idaho pasture hog is a perfect choice! 

The Importance Of Choosing the Right Breeder

Because the Idaho Pasture pig is a relatively new breed (having been only created in 2006), and because the breeding stock wasn’t available for purchase until 2012, you must pick an experienced breeder when looking for one of these pigs for sale.

A good breeder will be able to answer all of your questions and help you decide if an Idaho Pasture pig is the right pig for your needs. They will also be able to provide you with a list of references from other satisfied customers.

In addition, a good breeder will have pigs that are well-socialized and healthy. Be sure to visit the breeder’s facility and meet the animals before making a purchase.

This will give you a good idea of the conditions in which the pigs are being raised, and whether or not they seem healthy.

Finally, the breeder must be a member of the Idaho Pasture Pig Breed Association, as this ensures that they are following best practices for breeding and raising these pigs.

Idaho Pasture Pig Price

Here’s a breakdown of the average price of Idaho Pasture pigs: 

-Gilt (female pig that has not yet had offspring): $500 

-Boar (male pig): $400 

-Breeding Pair (one male and one female pig): $800 

Pricing may vary depending on the specific farm or breeder you purchase from.

Now that you know the prices of Idaho pasture pigs, where can you buy them? 

Idaho Pasture Pigs For Sale – List of Breeders

Now that you know a little bit more about this breed, you’re probably wondering where can you find Idaho Pasture pigs for sale. Here is a list of reputable breeders in the US, we are sure that you will be able to find one near you.

Each of these breeders has years of experience and is a member of the official Idaho Pasture Pig Breed Association.

Breeder NameCity, StateContact
D. John & Lisa DavisSalem, Arkansas(870) 321-9875
Rhonda MilichClinton, Arkansas(501) 699-0646
Manfred & Annie SchaubmayerPlacerville, California(760) 464-5733
Victor & Jennifer SmithCaldwell, Idaho(408) 410-0816
Andrew & Kindall FosterKuna, Idaho(208) 871-1612
Jason and Amandalyn RileyPayette, Idaho(208) 392-0137
Jeremy & Colleen RuhterSidney, Illinois812-431-1405
Tiffany Winters/Philip WireyMartinsville, Illinois(217) 549-5823
Austin & Rachel SafranekByron, Illinois(815) 262-1856
Mike & Terri RobbinsLiberty, Indiana(765) 580-1231
Ann PiszroHebron, Indiana(219) 512-6417
Melissa & Preston MyersRiverside, Iowa(641) 224-2025
Charity HaywoodFarragut, Iowa(702) 400-0059
Janelle PiersonLawrence, Kansas(269) 270-4320
Clare LozanoSpring Hill, Kansas(913) 475-8955
Robert SmootLawrence, Kansas(785) 760-6922
Catherine Bayless & Lawrence WashamTopeka, Kansas(785) 2507101
Alexander & Paige CollettWilliamstown, Kentucky(360) 969-5691
Lina & Mike  Laverty Shepherdsville, Kentucky (502) 909-4471
Adam & Cassie BlairHancock, Minnesota (320) 221-5493
Troy & Jessica Hoff Dalton, Minnesota (218) 282-0172
Dustin and Briana Whittington Waltham, Minnesota (507) 951-8180
Caleb & Klaire HowertonSpringfield, Missouri(417) 593-2335
Eric & Shandell SternamanClever, Missouri(605) 929-6645
Jacques Balish and Denise NakasoneStover, Missouri(808)478-9361
Benjamin BrewerNoel, Missouri(479) 340-7467
Jennifer VermillionLivingston, Montana(406) 223-2431
Kevin CookEnnis, Montana(406) 599-2914
Jason and Clarissa NewmanScottsbluff, Nebraska(208) 863-1437
Drew & Tracy JensonBlair, Nebraska(402) 990-1073
Sadie and Jennifer CourserWarner, New Hampshire(603) 456-2164
Todd Caskey & Danyelle TowerNewfane, New York(716) 807-9442
Billy and Sandy HartnessCarthage, North Carolina(919) 559-6769
Michael YuhasOlmsted Township, Ohio(440) 382-1276
Joe ChestnutCenterburg, Ohio(740) 815-0543
Derek & Rebecca AmertMansfield, Ohio(419) 631-3619
Grant HugginsArdmore, Oklahoma(580) 465-6025
Chanteil SniffErick, Oklahoma(580) 216-4633
Ranell & Phelicia Poorman Council Hill, Oklahoma(918) 616-8983
Don and Vickie RutledgeMolalla, Oregon(503) 710-7918
Erick & Christina KeerinsPrinceton, Oregon541-589-4674
Steve MullinsNorth Plains, Oregon(503) 522-0981
Steve & Ella SparksBurns, Oregon(541) 589-3646
Rob ScribnerTerrebone, Oregon(541) 390-8128
Tylor & Sarah FetterElizabethville, Pennsylvania(717) 350-0742
Kirstin L. Bordner Dornsife, Pennsylvania(570) 850-5421
Julie WuElverson, Pennsylvania(610) 247-1834
Anne Podplesky & John HellardGarrett, Pennsylvania(707) 373-5956
Gary and Susan HolderKingston, Tennessee(931) 216-4331
Carrie WojnarColumbia, Tennessee(615) 478-9251
Matthew & Tavia StroudMosheim, Tennessee(423) 620-2248
Chris and Jessica LeahyKilleen, Texas(623) 329-6821
Jennifer & Philip TwaitWeatherford, Texas(832) 693-8278
William and Lisa GrovesAlvin, Texas(346) 290-1411
Ian and Carrie PlowmanWillis, Texas(512) 680-8236
Jason & Daphne RoyNash, Texas(903) 276-8718
Kristen Echols Diana, Texas(903) 353-0168
Sara Young Amarillo, Texas(806) 679-1389
Greg and Alise PearsonMalakoff, Texas(903) 730-0384
Luke ReedMineral Wells, Texas(817) 219-8372
Chad & Karla MunnsGarland, Utah(435)230-0001
Jerri FuhrimanFairview, Utah(435) 469-1668
Chris ArgyleLiberty, Utah(801) 391-2221
Joel & Laura ThomeSelah, Washington(509) 961-6737
Sarah HenryOkanogan, Washington(509) 429-8785
Cayla and Mitch AskiPardeeville, Wisconsin(608) 575-4605
Seth and Andrea GadeCampbellsport, Wisconsin(920) 539-3000
Dave & Jodi CronauerLaona, Wisconsin(715) 674-2287
Candy ShrewsberryBruce, Wisconsin715-333-3276
Chad and Angela BaenenNew Franken, Wisconsin(920) 615-2585
Reputable and Registered Breeders with Idaho Pasture Pigs for Sale

Purchasing Idaho Pasture Pigs – Final Thoughts

There are a few ways to go about purchasing Idaho Pasture pigs. One option is to find a local farm or breeder in your area.

This is a great option if you want to be able to see the pigs in person before making a purchase. Another option is to purchase Idaho pasture pigs online from a reputable source.

This is a great option if you’re looking for convenience or if you’re unable to find any local farms or breeders in your area. 

No matter which option you choose, make sure that you do your research ahead of time to ensure that you’re getting high-quality pigs.

Once you’ve found a source that you trust, go ahead and make your purchase! You’ll be glad you did once you taste the delicious pork that these pigs provide. 

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