50 Creative Lamb and Sheep Names For Female and Male

Choosing a cute and funny male or female name for your sheep or lamb can be challenging if you don’t know where to get the information from. Well, I’m here to help! In this article, I will list down awesome sheep names.

You won’t have any trouble naming your sheep at all! Let’s start!

sheep names female and male

Female Sheep Names with Meaning

Here is a list of sheep names for girls with a meaning. These sheep names are selected based on various facts like the mythological background behind the name, characteristics of the deity or animal, their temperament and more. This

list of sheep names for girls will surely help you choose the perfect name for yours.

Abigail – means “Father’s Joy”

Alice – refers to the kind and gentle female version of Albert.

Alisa – a name that originated from the Greek word alke which means “queen”.

Anastasia – it means “resurrection” and is associated with Easter.

Anna – it means “grace” and was one of the three women who graced Jesus’ birth.

Clarice – Clarice is a variation from Latin word clarus meaning clear, bright or famous which symbolizes clarity, greatness, fame, and glory.

Christina – it’s a form of Christine, meaning Christ-like. A sheep name that symbolizes loving kindness.

Emilie – A Greek name whose origins are uncertain but is thought to mean “rival.” Perfect sheep name for your sheep that is always besting those other sheep at pulling out their food!

Erma – Perfect if you hope to raise your sheep as serious and hardworking.

Erna – German name meaning everlasting. Perfect name for a sheep you hope will be with you forever!

Ester – The heroine who was a Jewish slave in Persia and became queen.

Eva – Hebrew name meaning life.

Felicia – Happy or fortunate, variant of Felice (Italian) happy or lucky, also English given names like Felicit. So perfect sheep name if your sheep is always sneaking out and getting into trouble!

Flora – Goddess of flowers – symbolized springtime -perfect for a sheep who loves being outside in the springtime sun!

Flo, Florrie – Short form of Florence which meant flowering or blooming place. So perfect if your sheep loves being in the flowers!

Florence – A city in Italy known for art and architecture.

Heidi – Heidi has its origins from Old German word heida meaning shaggy hair and was first used as a nickname for girls with very untidy hair.

Isla – it refers to the Gaelic word for ‘island’. An island is a place of isolation, rest and solace.

Ivy – It’s Latin meaning is one who commands attention or admiration which symbolize climbing up easily.

Janice – Female sheep name that means gracious gift from God or grace given by God.

Julia – this name has its origins from Julius which was a Roman family name. It can be shortened into Julie, Julius, Jules as well as Zulay which sounds absolutely adorable for a female sheep name!

Kailani – It depicts a tranquility.

Laura – Another great name for a female sheep that means ‘the laurel’ which is a symbol of victory, honor and achievement.

Margot – This is a French form of the Latin Margaret, meaning pearl or sea-born.

Maria – Which symbolizes self-sacrifice and patience. It can be shortened into Mari, Marica or Marie which sound as a cute sheep name as well!

Gala – Short form of Galatea (Greek) milk-white. Perfect lamb or sheep name if you want an elegant name with ties to mythology!

Zara – If you want a female sheep name that is elegant and rare, this would be perfect!

Male Sheep Names with Meaning

sheep names

Here is a list of sheep names for boys with a meaning. These boy’s names are selected based on various facts like the mythological background behind the name, characteristics of the deity or animal, their temperament and more.

This list of male sheep names will definitely help you choose the perfect name for your pet lamb/sheep.

Aspen – A genus of trees that is known by this name today. So if you want your sheep to have an elegant personality, this would be perfect sheep name!

Amadeus – Latin word meaning “to love God.” So if you are a religious person, give your pet lamb this name that means “to love God!”

Basile – Greek male given name meaning “royal.” If you want your male sheep to have a regal personality, this would be perfect!

Beethoven – A composer whose first name was also Ludwig. This is so ideal for male sheep name!

Chester – Old English name meaning “fortress settlement.”

Luther – German given name meaning “famous warrior.” This would be perfect for a strong and fearless male sheep!

Oliver – English surname meaning “olive tree.” This is so ideal name for a lamb who loves greenery or likes olives.

Finn – means fair, white.

Gale – was a name given to someone who is born during the Easter month. Great name for sheep if your lamb was born during Easter holidays.

Harvey – Sheep name for a male that is an Old English last name which meant battle worthy.

Logan – small hollow in Scottish Gaelic.

Pryce – a male sheep name that means merchant in Welsh.

Sheep Names for a Black or Brown Sheep

If the sheep is black or brown, here are some fantastic sheep names for it:

Cocoa – related to chocolate.

Caramel – like caramel candy. This sounds like an adorable option as well especially with those big eyes!

Oreo – if you want a funny option, this might be the name for your sheep. It is also a really cute choice as well!

Fudge – Like Fudge candy bars.

BlackBerry – This would make a good sheep name because it gives the sheep a somewhat “berry” related name that sounds cute and shows a little bit of sweetness!

Cotton – If your sheep is black/brown in color with fluffy coats, why not give him a cotton-related name? For example: Cotton Ball or Cotton Candy…

Chocolate – A good name for a brown colored lamb.

Brownie – This sounds like such an adorable option!

Mocha – Like Mocha hot chocolate.

Coffee Bean – This would be an appropriate name for black sheep and sounds like such a good choice!

Hazelnut – if your sheep is brown in color, then this could be perfect name for your sheep!

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Final Words

If you have your own cute and funny male or female name for your sheep or lamb, do list it down in the comment section.

We would love to hear from you! I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I had writing this piece for you guys!

If you want more pet names, visit our other articles on best names for goats. Till then stay awesome! 🙂

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