Mini Lop Bunnies for Sale: 15+ Breeders Near You

It can be difficult to search through all of the listings online, so I put together this list of 15+ breeders that have Mini Lop bunnies for sale! I am sure that you will be able to find one near you.

But before we jump into where to find Mini Lop bunnies for sale, perhaps you are looking for more detailed and helpful information before you decide to actually buy a Mini Lop bunny.

If that is the case, then you will surely find this article truly helpful, as I provide valuable information about the importance of doing research, why you should only use a reputable breeder, how much does a Mini Lop bunny cost, as well as several other things to consider before getting a Mini Lop bunny to add to your family.

Why You Should Choose a Reputable Breeder

It is understandable why you would want to get a sweet, cute and wonderful Mini Lop bunny for you and your family to enjoy, love and care for as your new pet.

It is truly of prime importance for you to make sure that you get your Mini Lop bunny only from a breeder that has a good reputation.

mini lop bunnies for sale

When you are careful to do this, then you will have more solid assurance regarding the health of the bunny as well as the temperament of the bunny.

You will then be able to know the manner in which the bunny is raised, so that you can be sure that your bunny will be friendly and gentle instead of mean or aggressive.

In order to make sure that you only deal with a breeder that has a good reputation, I have listed most of the Mini Lop breeders from the Official American Rabbit Breeders Association.

Caution! – Mini Lop Bunnies For Sale in Pet Stores

You can find many pet stores that will offer Mini Lop bunnies for sale at a cheap price, but it is a good idea to refrain from purchasing your bunny at a pet store.

It may seem tempting to do so, because the cute Mini Lop bunny is readily available right there in front of you and the price is likely pretty good.

However, the truth of the matter is that the pet store usually does not provide you with background information about the rabbit.

In most cases, the ones that you find at the pet store are usually bred for the purpose of making money without the provision of background information.

How Much Does a Mini lop Bunny Cost?

When you desire to have a sweet Mini Lop bunny that will just be the family pet, then you can expect to see a price range of $35 to $100. But when you desire to also use the bunny for displaying in shows or for breeding, then you can expect the price range to be a bit higher at about $100 to $200.

The quality as well as the pedigree influence the price.

Consider This Before You Find Mini Lop Rabbit For Sale

You really should take the time to consider some important factors prior to making the final decision to buy a Mini Lop bunny. You need to know why you want one.

This means that if your Mini Lop bunny will only be your pet and will not be placed in shows or used for breeding, then you do not need to pay higher ranged prices that are based on quality and pedigree.

If you determine that you would like to use your Mini Lop bunny to place in shows as well as to breed, then it is a good idea to request to view the pedigrees of the father and mother prior to paying money to the breeder for the bunny.

It is wise to check the bloodline of the mother and father. Some breeders indicate that they use safe line breeding by breeding a mother with a son or a father with a daughter.

But it is best to refrain from breeding rabbits that are siblings due to the chance of problems that are genetic increasing when there are such close ties of the DNA.

This is also a reality when it comes to breeding half siblings.

Furthermore, despite the fact that Mini Lop rabbits are so adorable and your children will really want one right away, it is necessary to realize that mini lop rabbits will require your commitment to provide many years of care.

Therefore, you need to consider what you will be doing in the future, such as in a year or a few years. If your life in a few years will become more complicated, maybe it is not the right time to buy a Mini Lop rabbit.

But if your life will be stable and if you will continue to have enough time to care for the bunny, a Mini Lop bunny is likely the right addition for your family.

You also need to consider the amount of time you can give to your new Mini Lop bunny.

You must also determine if your children will be gentle with this type of bunny and if they will be able to assume the responsibility of helping to care for the rabbit.

In addition, you must take into consideration the amount of space you can designate for your new bunny. As well, you must consider whether your other pets, such as guinea pigs, cats, dogs, etc. will be able to get along with the addition of a new, adorable mini lop bunny.

15 Breeders With Mini Lop Bunnies for Sale Near You

I am sure that you will be able to find a breeder that offers Mini Lop bunnies for sale near you in the list I have provided bellow.

This should make it easier to find your perfect new furry friend. Happy hunting!

Also, you can check for reputable Mini Lop breeders who are associated with the US Mini Lop Club. You may want to look up the breeders directory for your state.

Then you can also check the breeders directory list of Mini Lop Rabbit Club of America. These are indeed all excellent resources to help you find a great mini lop breeder.


When you are wondering about Mini Lop bunnies for sale, indeed it will take time for you to do your research, to find the right breeder and to find the right Mini Lop for you and your family.

It is wise to do a decent amount of research. This will ensure that you will get a good Mini Lop breeder that is reputable.

Or you may check to see if any of the rabbit rescues in or near your city have any great Mini Lops that you could choose from if you would like to love and care for a Mini Lop bunny that needs a special home.

Also, there are many things that you need to consider before getting your bunny. But once you get your mini lop bunny, you and your family will love your sweet bunny and will be glad to have it as part of your family. You will experience many days of joy and fun.

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