Can Chickens Eat Cilantro?

Are you growing cilantro in your garden, or do you have some leftover from a feast that you prepared? You may be wondering whether chickens can eat cilantro. So, can chickens eat cilantro?

Well, read on, we have the answers to all of your questions here!

Can Chickens Eat Cilantro?

Yes, chickens can eat cilantro. In fact, they love it. It is the exact type of herb they would pick if they were allowed to roam around free range. In fact, if your chickens are walking around free range and you have some cilantro in the garden, then they are probably going to peck at it a lot.

If you don’t want your cilantro to be destroyed, then you are probably going to want to protect it a little bit!

You will find that feeding your chickens cilantro is going to work absolute wonders for their bone health. It also has a lot of Vitamin A and K in it, which means that your chickens are going to be getting a nice dose of vitamins. This is all without the cilantro being high in any of the unpleasant nutrients such as sugar.

How to Serve Cilantro to Your Chickens

can chickens eat cilantro
Can chickens eat cilantro?

Since cilantro isn’t high in sugar or fat and chickens can eat cilantro you could probably give them a little bit each day.

However, most backyard chicken owners will find that giving them a little a couple of times per week is fine. That way, you can easily incorporate some other herbs and vegetables into the mix. It is going to provide a much better diet for your chickens.

The chickens will be able to eat the entirety of the cilantro. This means that you can pull it out at the stalk and they will nibble away at it. Some backyard chicken owners will put a pot of growing cilantro in the chicken coop and allow the chickens to munch away at it whenever they see fit.

However, this is probably going to be ‘overkill’ for most people.

Cilantro is great if you want to get up close and personal with your chickens. This is because you can hand feed them if you want. They are more than happy to eat it like this.

A couple of sprigs of cilantro a few times per week is more than enough. If you want your chickens to get more of a nutrient punch from what you are feeding them, then we suggest that you include the cilantro with some other vegetables.

Again, only serve a couple of times per week. You can put it all in a bowl and allow your chickens to nibble away with it whenever they see fit.

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Chickens Can Eat Cilantro – Things To Bear in Mind

Honestly, there isn’t much that you need to consider whenever you are feeding your chickens cilantro. One suggest we will make, however, is that you give them a few hours to eat it. If they do not eat the cilantro, then remove it from the coop.

While it would take a while for the cilantro to rot, you may find that if you leave it hanging around in the coop for too long, it could attract pests.

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