Can Sheep Eat Celery?

A sheep’s primary diet should always be grass, hay, etc. If you own sheep, then you will know what to feed them. However, as you know, sheep do like to feast upon something a little bit different every now and then. In fact, they are not fussy eaters. We are sure that you have caught your sheep eyeing up something that they shouldn’t be eating. But, can sheep eat celery?

Can Sheep Eat Celery?

Yes, sheep can eat celery. It may even be good for them, in small amounts.

Celery contains several vitamins and nutrients that are going to be beneficial to your sheep e.g. Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Calcium, and Fiber (as well as a few others), and it is always great to give your sheep a nice nutritional boost.

Can Sheep Eat Celery

Because a sheep’s digestive system is pretty sensitive, they shouldn’t be deviating from their standard diet all that often.

However, it is fine to give your sheep some celery every now and then. It is important that you are not giving it to them instead of their standard diet, though.

Of course, spicing up your sheep’s diet (although, not literally with spices, that would be bad!), is always a fantastic thing.

It helps to keep your sheep happy. As we said, sheep do like to experiment with their foods, even if they sometimes end up eating something that they probably shouldn’t be tucking into.

How Much Celery Should You Feed Your Sheep?

This is a tough question to answer. This is because it will be dependent on what other treats you are feeding your sheep.

Since celery isn’t high in sugar, you can feed it to them regularly. We know that some sheep owners do this.

However, we do recommend that you only do this if you are not giving your sheep any other treat.

If your sheep are eating something else e.g. other fruits or vegetables, then they should only eat that. Limit them to one treat per day.

You should feed each sheep no more than a stalk of celery per day. If you have a younger sheep, then you probably shouldn’t be giving them more than half a stalk per day, if that.

Although, with younger sheep, you may want to avoid having this sort of stuff in their diet anyway. Their stomachs are too sensitive.

How Do You Prepare and Feed Sheep Celery?

Your main concern is ensuring that you wash the celery. A lot of it will be coated in pesticides and all sorts of chemicals that you probably don’t want to have your sheep ingesting.

You do not need to wash off any soil. Your sheep should be fine with that. They are eating grass right off of the ground, after all.

You should always cut the celery up into small chunks. It helps the sheep to digest it a little bit better (fewer issues for their stomach), and it removes the choking hazard.

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Final Thoughts

Your sheep can eat celery. You can give them a stalk daily if you wish. Just make sure that it is just a treat and not a staple part of their diet, though.

When feeding celery to your sheep, you can give them the stalks and the leaves. Additionally, ensure that the celery you are feeding them is fresh and free from pesticide residues.  Pesticides can be harmful to sheep (and other animals) if consumed in large quantities.

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