Can You Feed Geese Birdseed? A Few Mistakes To Avoid

Do you see the geese in your park or on a pond? Do you want to feed them but are not sure what they eat? You may be wondering if it is okay to feed geese with birdseed.

Feeding geese with bird seed is a fun activity for families and children, but it can also lead to some problems. I was at the public park feeding the geese with birdseed. I had my hand in a feed bag and one of those big, old geese came over to me for food.

It bit into my finger!

I ran away as fast as I could but that goose chased me all around the field, biting and pecking at me while the other geese called out so loudly it was like they were cheering their friend on.

Read on to find out how feeding geese with bird seed affects both them and you. 

Can You Feed Geese Birdseed
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Can You Feed Geese Birdseed?

Yes, geese can eat bird seed, but it’s not the best food for them, they spend most of their time eating grass and other plants.

They are mostly vegetarian birds, even though geese eat fish sometimes. This gives their body the right nutrients to be healthy and grow strong feathers.

When you feed geese, give them different kinds of wild birdseed. Since there are many types of wild birdseed mixtures, keep in mind that geese don’t eat sunflower seeds.

Geese like bird seed because it’s high in fat, which they need to get through winter months when there are no leaves on trees or grasses underfoot to eat.

I have used this wild bird seed mix to feed the geese in my local park, I bought it from Amazon for attracting a wide variety of birds to my backyard.

It is a premium mix that has all-natural nutrition that attracts more than 150 species of birds. It is also specially cut for smaller beaks, making it perfect for younger birds and those with smaller mouths.

The birdseed also contains carbohydrates that can provide energy for geese during migrations or other long flights. However you should never give them too much!

Too many carbs can lead to obesity just as tallow does with humans.

Geese are not picky eaters so they can’t really refuse any type of food as long as it is offered to them at least once.

Feeding Geese Birdseed Carefully

Geese are some of the most beautiful birds in nature. They’re large, graceful, and have a long history as symbols of peace and good fortune.

But geese are best known for their aggressive behavior around humans when it comes to feeding them.

They have bite me once, and they’ll surely bite your fingers too, if you don’t feed them quickly enough! So I’m going to show you how to safely feed these feathered friends so that you can enjoy feeding geese with bird seed without fear of getting hurt.

Supervise Children While Feeding Geese Birdseed

The first step to feeding geese birdseed is making sure that you have an adult supervising children while they are around the birds. That’s because these creatures can be vicious if they don’t get their food as soon as possible, and kids may not always know how fast or slow to feed them.

Next, make sure that you or your children is using just a few handfuls of bird seed when you go out to feed geese with birdseed.

I know that you want enough so that there will be plenty for everyone in the group, but too much could overwhelm your new feathered friends and scare them away!

Ensure the Geese are Calm When Feeding Them Birdseed

It is important to ensure that the geese are calm when feeding them birdseed, because if they aren’t in the mood for eating, then it’s not likely that you will be able to feed them.

This means avoiding sudden movements and loud noises as much as possible.

Look for Signs of Aggression

Be on the lookout for signs of aggression. When geese are feeling very aggressive towards humans, they will often display a long neck and firm posture.

This signifies that the goose is on guard and likely acts out aggressively if you get too close-so don’t give them any birdseed! When this happens it’s important to stay away from them.

It’s important to refuse feeding geese with birdseed when there are clear signs of aggression, because it can lead to injury (to either your self or the goose). If this becomes necessary, then try moving away from them at a safe distance while keeping your eye contact with them.

Geese have been known in history for being aggressive birds due to their territorial nature-but don’t worry! It doesn’t mean they’re going out looking for trouble every day.

When trying to figure out whether geese are becoming dangerous around you, these are some clear signs to look for.

Never Feed Geese Birdseed by Hand

You should never feed geese birdseed by hand!

If they perceive a potential threat some time, the geese will act aggressively and might bite your hands or arms. They feel threatened often enough, so it’s important to take care when coming into contact with them in order to keep yourself safe from being injured.

You should pile up the seed in small piles on the grass and let the geese come take it. Do not throw seed into the water because geese mainly stay on land and they will only go into water to swim or clean themselves off.

Don’t Feed Geese Processed Foods

Processed foods should not be fed to geese because they may contain harmful substances like sugar or salt.

These are often ingredients in processed food and can lead to the geese developing health problems, such as obesity!

Final Thoughts

I hope this blog post has been helpful in giving you a better idea of how to feed geese birdseed. Remember, they’re wild animals and can be aggressive if you don’t handle them with care.

If you have any questions about the proper way to feed geese birdseed or more information on these beautiful creatures, please reach out!

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