Chester White Pigs For Sale: List of Breeders in US

When you’re looking for Chester White pigs for sale, it’s important to know as much as possible about the breed before making your purchase. These pigs are known for their docility and easy-going nature, but there are other things to consider before bringing one of these animals home.

In this post, I’ll take a look at some of the key facts and characteristics of Chester White pigs, as well as provide a list of reputable breeders in the United States where you can find Chester White pigs for sale.

So, if you’re thinking about adding a Chester White pig to your farm, read on!

Chester White Pig Facts and Characteristics

The Chester White pig is a breed of domestic pig originating in Chester County, Pennsylvania. The breed was developed in the early 19th century from the local stock of white pigs and a white boar imported from England.

The Chester White is a medium-large breed, with mature sows weighing up to 290 kg (650 lb) and boars up to 800 lb (360 kg). It is a good forager and does well on pasture. Chester White is known for their docile temperament, high level of intelligence and good mothering ability.

Chester White pigs for sale

Though not as popular as other breeds, the Duroc, Hampshire, and Yorkshire pigs, this pig breed is often used in crossbreeding programs. Their offspring are commonly found among commercial pork production farms.

One of the most significant differences between the Chester White and other white breeds is that it has a higher disease resistance. Moreover, it may gain 1.36 pounds every day and 1 pound for every three pounds of grain fed to it.

Chester White is not only preferred by producers but packers as well because they prefer pigs with white skin that are proven to be superior in muscle quality.

Where to Buy Chester White Piglets?

The Importance Of Choosing the Right Breeder

As I already said Chester White pigs are a popular choice for farmers and homesteaders alike, thanks to their docile nature and impressive size. However, not all Chester White pigs are created equal.

In order to get the best possible animals, it is important to buy Chester White pigs from reputable breeders.

These breeders will have pigs that are registered with the Chester White Swine Association, which guarantees that they meet certain standards for health and conformation. Furthermore, Chester White Swine Association requires that all sires used for recorded litters be DNA stress-tested negative before they can be part of the Chester White recording base.

Also, buying from a reputable breeder will give you access to expert advice on raising your pigs.

As a result, taking the time to find a good breeder is one of the best ways to ensure the success of your farming operation.

Chester White Pigs for sale

Chester White Pigs For Sale – List of Breeders by State

I have listed only a few breeders per state. The Certified Pedigreed Swine Association maintains a list of all registered breeders, where you may find Chester White pigs for sale in any state in the US.


I hope you find this guide helpful in your search for Chester White pigs for sale. Remember to always buy from a reputable breeder who can guarantee the quality of their animals. This will save you many issues down the road.

The Chester White pig, hailing from Chester County, Pennsylvania, stands as a testament to American pig breeding history. Its origins can be traced back to the 1800s when breeders aimed to enhance local white pig stocks with an imported white boar from England. This deliberate crossbreeding effort birthed the distinctive and versatile Chester White breed.

In terms of size, the Chester White pig falls within the medium-large category. Fully grown sows can weigh up to an impressive 290 kg (650 lb), while boars can reach a substantial 800 lb (360 kg). This size, coupled with their unique characteristics, makes them a sought-after choice for various farming endeavors.

One of the standout qualities of the Chester White pig is its adaptability to different environments. With its foraging prowess, it thrives on pasture settings, showcasing its prowess as a valuable grazier. This adaptability is a boon for farmers seeking a versatile pig breed that can flourish in varying agricultural systems.

Beyond their physical attributes, Chester White pigs are renowned for their temperament. Their docile nature makes them not only easier to manage but also a pleasure to work with. Coupled with a high level of intelligence, these pigs quickly become cooperative members of a farm setting, responding well to training and interaction.

The breed’s reputation extends to its mothering abilities. Chester White sows are known for their excellent mothering skills, exhibiting a strong nurturing instinct when caring for their piglets. This characteristic ensures the well-being and growth of the young ones, contributing to the overall success of breeding programs.

In essence, the Chester White pig encapsulates the essence of American pig breeding history. From its beginnings in Chester County, Pennsylvania, to its role in modern farming, this breed continues to demonstrate its adaptability, intelligence, and remarkable mothering abilities. Whether on pasture or within controlled environments, the Chester White’s reputation as a reliable and versatile breed endures, making it a significant and valuable asset to the world of pig farming.

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