Clipping Chicken Wings (Flight Feathers) – Step By Step Guide

Clipping chicken wings is an important step in the process of raising chickens. For some, it’s also a difficult and time-consuming task that can be hard to do right. Read this article on how to clip chicken flight feathers and it will make this job much easier.

This instructional video walks you through the entire process from start to finish, so you’ll know exactly what to do when it comes time for your next batch of chicks!

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What is clipping chicken wings?

Clipping chicken wings is a process of cutting the flight feathers from the wing of the chicken.

The ultimate goal with clipping the wings is to make your chicken less stable while flying.

Without these main feathers the chicken will not be able to fly.

Why clip chicken wings?

By clipping chicken primary flight feathers you will prevent your chicken from flying under normal circumstances.

This is a useful step if you use your chicken for laying eggs, as this will limit the damage done if there is ever an escape from the coop and run or other accident.

But clipping all primary flight feathers also makes it easier to handle chickens during routine care.

Clipping your chickens’ wings can help you keep them safe and protect your property. If you let your birds have full use of their wings, they may be tempted to fly up and perch on anything – including the roof!

And once they get used to flying away from your yard, it can be difficult to restrain them. By clipping your birds’ wings will teach and condition them not to fly around unnecessarily.

Plus, if you have tall trees or other predators nearby, your chickens can easily be attacked by hawks or other flying animals that will snatch them off their perch.

How to clip chicken flight feathers step by step

Clipping chicken wings is relatively safe and easy to learn with the right training and tools.

1. Pick up your chicken

2. Stretch up the wing to locate the primary flight feathers (See image bellow)

3. Use normal scissors

Don’t worry the chicken will not feel anything, there are no nerves in the feathers, and there will be no blood at all.

Clipping Chicken Wings (Flight Feathers)
Trimming Chicken Wings

Tips for clipping chickens’ wings

Try to cut the primary flight feathers as evenly as possible, it’s not a problem if they are a little different but try to avoid big gaps in length.  

The secondary feathers actually has almost no effect on flying , so don’t worry about clipping them.

If you have many chickens, then consider getting a pair of longer scissor for clipping instead of ordinary scissors.

You can buy scissors relatively cheap on Amazon, designed specifically for cutting chicken feathers such as these.

Video on how to clip chickens’ wings

Watch the video below for detailed instructions on how to trim chicken wings.

Another great video on how to trim chicken wings.


Follow these steps and be confident that your birds’ safety is taken care of. You’ll have happy, healthy chickens with beautiful plumage and no need to worry about their safety or well-being ever again!

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