Cochin Chicken Color Chart – A Comprehensive Guide

Looking to add some new color to your chicken coop? Check out my comprehensive guide to Cochin chicken colors! In this post, I’ll discuss the different colors that these chickens come in, as well as provide a handy Cochin chicken color chart for reference.

So whether you’re just starting with Cochin chickens or are looking to expand your flock with some new colors, be sure to check out our guide on Cochin chicken colors!

Cochin Chicken Color chart

Quick Facts

The Cochin chicken is a breed of chicken that originally hails from Asia. These chickens are known for their large size and fluffy feathers, which give them a ‘teddy bear’ like appearance.

It’s no surprise that these are some of the most loved show chickens.

They are larger than the average chicken, with roosters weighing in at around 11 pounds and hens around 9.

These chickens are friendly and make great pets, but they do require some extra care due to their fluffy feathers.

The hens lay medium to large brown eggs and are considered good layers. However, they do not lay as many eggs as some other chicken breeds. You can expect to have around 140 eggs per year from each hen.

Now that we’ve covered some quick facts about this breed of chicken, let’s take a more in-depth look at the different Cochin chicken colors!

Cochin Chicken Colors

The breed has a variety of different colors available, thanks to years of selective breeding, with 17 recognized by the American Poultry Association (APA). These colors include:

  1. Barred,
  2. Birchen,
  3. Black,
  4. Blue,
  5. Brown,
  6. Brown Red,
  7. Buff,
  8. Buff Columbian,
  9. Columbian,
  10. Golden Laced,
  11. Lemon Blue,
  12. Mottled,
  13. Partridge,
  14. Red,
  15. Silver Laced,
  16. Splash,
  17. White.

While all of these colors are stunning in their own right, some of the more popular varieties include Black, Blue, Buff, and Barred. Some of the rarer color varieties include birchen, buff Columbian, and splash.

No matter which color you choose, Cochin chickens make a great addition to any flock!

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All Cochin Chicken Color Varieties Explained

To help you keep track of all the different Cochin chicken colors out there, we’ve put together a handy reference chart below!


The Barred Cochin is a variety of Cochin chicken characterized by barred plumage, shank, and feathers on the outer toe. The bars are not identical in size.


The Birchen Cochin is a variety of Cochin chicken characterized by its white to a silverly-white head and standard birchen plumage.


The Black Cochin has black plumage, a black shank, and black outer toe feathers.


Characterized by its blue plumage, and a blue shank with blue feathers on its outer toe.


The Brown Cochin has a dark orange-red head and a black tail, with brown plumage. Both males and females have golden-orange hackles and saddles with black streaks.

Brown Red

The Brown Red Cochin is similar to the Brown Cochin, but with brown-red plumage.


The Buff Cochin has a buff-colored plumage with light-buff shanks.

Buff Columbian

The Buff Columbian Cochin is similar to the Buff Cochin, but with a buff-Columbian plumage (see Cochin Chicken Color Chart below).


The Columbian Cochin variety is characterized by Columbian-colored plumage and a buff-black shank.

Golden Laced

The Golden Laced Cochin has a golden bay head, neck, and saddle with a black stripe down the center. The body and wings are golden bay with black lacing, and the tail has black primary feathers.

Lemon Blue

The Lemon Blue Cochin has a lemon-blue plumage and grayish-blue shanks and outer toes.


The Mottled Cochin has a mottled plumage with white feathers on shanks and outer toes.


The Partridge Cochin has partridge plumage, reddish-black shank feathers on hens, and black on roosters.


The Red Cochin has standard red plumage.

Silver Laced

The Silver Laced Cochin has a silver-laced plumage with a dark horn in color beak.


The Splash Cochins come in a variety of blue and white combinations, ranging from white with splashes of blue to nearly blue with splashes of white.


The White Cochin is all-white chicken, with white plumage and white shank features.

Cochin Chicken Color Chart

As you can see from both color charts below, the bantam version of the chicken has a wider range of color possibilities than the standard version.

BantamBarredFeather Leg
BantamBirchenFeather Leg
BantamBlackFeather Leg
BantamBlueFeather Leg
BantamBrownFeather Leg
BantamBrown RedFeather Leg
BantamBuffFeather Leg
BantamBuff ColumbianFeather Leg
BantamColumbianFeather Leg
BantamGolden LacedFeather Leg
BantamLemon BlueFeather Leg
BantamMottledFeather Leg
BantamPartridgeFeather Leg
BantamRedFeather Leg
BantamSilver LacedFeather Leg
BantamSplashFeather Leg
BantamWhiteFeather Leg
Bantam Cochin Chicken Color Chart
Large FowlBarredAsiatic
Large FowlBlackAsiatic
Large FowlBlueAsiatic
Large FowlBrownAsiatic
Large FowlBuffAsiatic
Large FowlGolden LacedAsiatic
Large FowlPartridgeAsiatic
Large FowlSilver LacedAsiatic
Large FowlWhiteAsiatic
Standard Cochin Chicken Color Chart

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are a wide variety of colors available when it comes to Cochin chickens! No matter which color you choose, these chickens make a great addition to any flock.

Do you have a favorite Cochin chicken color?

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