Top 7 Smallest Rabbit Breeds – Dwarf Bunnies

If you have developed a deep love for cute, small animals and particularly cute, small rabbits, then you may be wondering about the smallest rabbit breeds. For your interest, here I mention the top seven dwarf bunnies that are so cute and adorable.

These bunnies make great pets and are interesting creatures indeed. In fact, dwarf bunnies are very popular.

1. Netherland Dwarf (1.1–2.5 lb)

smallest rabbit breeds - netherland dwarf

If you want a small domestic rabbit, then the Netherland Dwarf is a good choice. It originally comes from the country of the Netherlands.

This rabbit is easy to handle, as it has a weight of only about 1.1 up to 2.5 pounds.

This rabbit is regarded as being among the smallest of the dwarf bunnies. It is a great pet and also many people like to place these rabbits in shows.

This bunny is so cute, because it has such large eyes compared to its body that is stout and short.

Also, the rabbit has ears that are quite short as well. This small rabbit breed has a round face and has the appearance of being an infant bunny even when it is full grown.

Here is a listing of ARBA’s reputable breeders where you can find Netherland Dwarf rabbits for sale.

2. Britannia Petite (2.5 -3.5 lb)

smallest rabbit breeds

It was back in the early period of the 1800s that the Britannia Petite was derived via the breeding of the Polish rabbit within the nation of Britain.

At that time, it was popular to show rabbits for entertainment. The body of this small rabbit breed has a full arch that commences from the base of the tail all the way to the base of the neck.

Furthermore, it is noted that the rabbit has a neck that is particularly short. The belly of the rabbit tucks up under it when it is seated.

This dwarf bunny has a head that has the shape of a wedge and the eyes are impressively large, which add to the charm of the rabbit.

3. Dwarf Hotot (2-3 lb)

smallest bunnies in the world

Next on the list of the smallest rabbit breeds in the world is the Dwarf Hotot.

This dwarf rabbit breed was created as a result of mixing many different breeds with the regular sized Hotot and not the larger Hotot that occurred in the region of West and East Germany during the period of the 1970s.

This wonderful rabbit is small as it has a range in weight of 2 pounds up to 3 pounds when it reaches maturity.

This small rabbit possesses a beautiful white coat and intriguing black marks around the area of the eyes. The body is compact and the head is round. This rabbit has a neck that is short, which is understandable as it is part of the smallest rabbit breeds.

4. Jersey Wooly (2.5-3.5 lb)

small dwarf rbunnies

You will love this dwarf bunny that is so wooly. This breed was acquired as a result of breeding a Netherland Dwarf with a French Angora.

This small bunny breed is super gentle and you will appreciate its docile nature. The body of this cute rabbit is compact and this rabbit has a weight from 2.5 to 3.5 pounds, which is why it is regarded as being among the smallest breeds of rabbits.

The ears of this bunny are erect and small at about a length of two or three inches. The head is boldly square, which adds to the unique good looks of this rabbit.

5. Lionhead (2.5-3.75 lb)

among the smallest rabbit breeds

The Lionhead is a dwarf rabbit that has a mane that is wooly, which makes this rabbit highly distinctive.

The size of this popular dwarf rabbit breed is compact and it has an appearance that is undeniably adorable. These rabbits are sought out as pets for families, which is why this breed of small rabbit has a high level of popularity at this present time.

The Lionheads can be handled well if care is used when handling, as the rabbits must be handled in a gentle manner. The rabbits can be playful and friendly if they are nurtured with gentleness, but they can demonstrate a high level of timidity until they trust someone.

Thus, this small rabbit may not be ideal for small children who want to be able to handle their pet rabbit a lot.

This type of rabbit needs a diet that is truly well balanced and requires a lot of space. It also requires a lot of interesting things in its environment to keep it amused.

6. Holland Lop (2-4 lb)

dwarf rabbit breeds

The Holland Lop is also among the smallest breeds of rabbits. Normally, this small rabbit achieves a weight of around 4 pounds once it reaches maturity.

The body is short and wide. The Holland Lop is interesting, as it holds a pose that much resembles the pose of a cat. This means that the rabbit rests predominantly on the back legs and just a bit on the front ones.

The Holland Lop has a shape that is noticeably broad and there is a section of puffy fur on the back of the head. The fact that the bunny has ears that are so floppy adds to the charming cuteness of this breed of small rabbit.

These bunnies are highly appealing, which is why they are in high demand by many people.

If you are interested in this small rabbit breeds, this is where you can find Holland Lop bunnies for sale.

7. American Fuzzy Lop (3-4 lb)

If you are looking for a dwarf rabbit that is both small and sweet for you and your family to love and enjoy, then you should consider getting the American Fuzzy Lop.

This rabbit has beautiful soft fur, is highly energetic and likes to interact with people. The rabbit is often placed in shows. It has a wonderful temperament and it is a great pet.

The body of this small rabbit tends to be thick and the body is overall short, the chest is rather broad, though the shoulders are also broad.

The ears are amazingly fuzzy and floppy. The fur of this rabbit can even be used for the sake of making various kinds of clothing.

These dwarf rabbits like much interaction and love since it is in their nature to be both playful and curious.

They need a lot of space in order to burn off their energy. Thus, having a yard that is fenced would be ideal for this energetic small rabbit.

Final Thoughts About the Smallest Rabbit Breeds

As you can see, there are a lot of small bunnies to love. If you want one that is most like the traditional pet rabbit, then I would recommend either Holland Lop or Lionhead. For those who care about keeping their home as clean as possible, consider Dwarf Hotot rabbits with their short hair!

The smallest rabbit breeds are cuter than any other bunny. However they also have some unique needs that you should be aware of if you’re considering adopting one.

If a dwarf bunny is what you want, then check out the list above and see which breed best suits your lifestyle!

Do your research about these small bunny breeds as much as you can before adopting or buying one.

Whichever breed you choose, be sure to provide them plenty of food and water every day so they can stay healthy and happy in your loving home.

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