Top 6 Tumbler Pigeon Breeds

What is a tumbler pigeon? Tumbler Pigeons are pigeons that have been specifically bred for their ability to turn over while they are flying.

It is a rather fancy move and, perhaps not surprisingly, there are not that many pigeons that are able to tackle it, except the roller pigeons, of course.

All six of the tumbler pigeon breeds on this page can do it, though. They can do it with ease.

If you are looking for a tumbler pigeon, then any one of these is going to be a tremendous option for you. Let’s jump in, shall we?

Berlin Long-Faced Tumbler

Tumbler Pigeon Breeds

For those that want a smaller tumbler pigeon, then the Berlin Long-Faced Tumblr may be for them.

One of the most stunning things about this bird is that the area around the eyes matched the main color of their feathers perfectly.

It took an exceedingly long time for breeders to get this tumbler pigeon breed to that point, and it is beautiful.

These birds are available in a variety of different colors. This means that you will likely be able to find a color of pigeon that is going to be absolutely perfect for you. This is the perfect show breed of pigeon.

Australian Performing Tumbler

Australian Performing
Australian Performing Tumbler – Photo By Graham Manning

As the name suggests, this breed of pigeon has its roots in Australia. This bird has a short, chunky body. It is mostly available in colors similar to red.

However, there are plenty of breeders that are attempting to increase the range of colors available for this tumbler pigeon.

You will struggle to find the Australian Performing Tumbler outside of Australia. This is because most of the breeders are located there.

If you are interested in this bird, then do bear in mind that it is mostly known as a show breed now. It is not really a flying bird, outside of the whole tumbler aspect of it.

The final thing to note about this tumbler pigeon is that it is exceptionally quiet. It has been deliberately bred that way. So, if you are more into pigeon cooing and other sounds, then this is not the breed for you.

Komorn Tumbler

Komorn Tumbler – Photo By jim gifford

The Komorn Tumbler is a breed of bird that was originally created in the 18th Century in Austria-Hungary. The area it originates from is now located in Austria.

It isn’t really down to Austria that this bird is so popular, though. In fact, it was relatively unheard of until the end of the second world war. It was then exported to the United States, and it has gained rapidly in popularity ever since then.

This bird is fairly small in comparison to some of the other breeds of tumbler pigeon that you see on this list.

Some people have likened the coloring of this pigeon to that of the magpie i.e. it has 2 colors.

There pigeon is available in a variety of colors, and the popularity of the bird in the United States means that more and more are appearing all of the time.

This bird is only used for show purposes nowadays.

West of England Tumbler

Tumbler Pigeon Breeds
West of England Tumbler – Photo By jim gifford

As the name of this bird suggests, the West of England Tumbler originates in England. In fact, it comes from Bristol.

It is actually one of the younger breeds on this list. The modern West of England Tumbler didn’t really appear until the tail end of the 19th Century.

In fact, there are some that claim the bird didn’t properly appear until we got into the 20th Century.

The West of England Tumbler is a shorter, stockier bird. It is characterized by the light brown feathers in the center of the body, while the head area and the rear are white-feathered.

This is not really a bird that you can find outside of England, sadly. In fact, even in England, one would argue that the West of England Tumbler isn’t that popular.

However, it absolutely did have to be included on this list. This is because we genuinely believe that it is one fo the most beautiful Tumbler Pigeons around at the moment.

Iranian Highflying Tumbler Pigeon

Tumbler Pigeon
Iranian Highflying Tumbler Pigeon

We are going to assume that you can already guess which country the Iranian Highflying Tumbler comes from. There are still a few unique traits about this breed of Tumbler pigeon to discuss, though.

One of the brilliant things about the Iranian Highflying Tumbler is that this breed of bird is still used extensively for flying.

While the other breeds that we have discussed on this list tend to be cooped up for long periods of time, the Iranian Highflying Tumbler is often used for endurance flying.

As the name suggests, this is a breed that flies incredibly high too. In fact, it can often fly so high that you wouldn’t be able to spot it.

One of the reasons why this bird has quite a high level endurance is down to the fact that it does not flap its wings anywhere near as much as some of the other pigeons out there. This means that it can really conserve energy.

This bird has also been bred to just hover in place too.

Vienna Long-Faced Tumbler Pigeon

The Vienna Long-Faced Tumbler is one of the oldest Tumbler Pigeons on this list. It is said that the bird was initially developed in the 17th Century.

Although, how close the 17th Century version is to the modern variant is anybody’s guess. I would assume that it is pretty close, though.

Most breed descriptions from that era make it seem as if it is similar to the Vienna Long-Faced Tumbler that we have now.

This bird is actually one of the smallest breeds of pigeons around. It does have a very long beak and neck, though. This makes it look rather unique.

Nowadays, the bulk of the birds can be found in the United States. While you will find a few of them scattered throughout Germany and Austria, this was one of the breeds of Tumbler Pigeon that was brought over to the United States by immigrants.

It has been heavily bred in the country ever since.

This pigeon is closely related to the Barb pigeon. This is because the Vienna Long-Faced Tumbler was created from the Barb when the Turks invaded Vienna.

Where To Find Tumbler Pigeons For Sale?

You may be thinking of buying a Tumbler pigeons but you can’t find in your area. Don’t worry there are some great online sellers who will ship anywhere in US! You’ll get high-quality Tumbler pigeons at competitive prices from these reputable sources; all you have to do is order.

Strombergs Chickens – They have been around for years and have very large selection of pigeons, you can find any type of pigeon you want on their website, from fancy show pigeons to racing and tumbler pigeons.

Birds Now – Great place to find Tumbler pigeons for sale.

Craigslist – Craigslist is still the go-to place for sellers and buyers. If you’re looking to buy pigeons, then this site can be very helpful.

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