Alpacas For Sale – Only Top Breeders in the US

Alpacas are becoming increasingly popular in the US as people get to know more about them. They are known for their long fiber which can be used for a variety of products, from sweaters to blankets. If you’re thinking of buying an alpaca, there are a few things you need to know. I will give you an overview of the cost of raising alpacas and provide you with a list of reputable breeders where you can find alpacas for sale.

Quick Facts at a Glance

Alpacas have a unique look that makes an impression. They are not just pretty animals with a nice coat, they also have many other positive qualities.

Alpacas are gentle and intelligent animals and make great pets. They can be taught numerous tricks since they usually respond very well to a reward.

It’s no wonder people who buy alpacas become addicted!

alpaca for sale

There are two alpaca breeds, the Huacaya and the Suri. Huacaya alpacas fiber is 1.5 μm thinner and much whiter than that of the Suri, while Suri alpacas have a more silky, lustrous coat.

It is estimated that there are around 3.7 million alpacas worldwide, more than 90% are thought to be of the Huacaya breed.

The typical height of an adult alpaca is between 32 and 39 inches (to the shoulders). They weigh between 106 and 198 pounds on average.

Alpacas come in a variety of colors, and Peru has classified 52 distinct natural alpaca colors.

Buying an alpaca is a long-term investment, with the average life expectancy for an alpaca being around 15–20 years.

You should know that there is more to being an alpaca owner than just the fun part of having them around – caring for them can take up a lot of your time if you want to produce high-quality fiber.

Where To Look For Alpacas For Sale?

This is one of the most important parts of your Alpaca journey.

You can buy alpacas from a local breeder or you might consider a livestock auction. You might also want to check listings on Craigslist and in newspapers to find more alpaca breeders in your area. But, you should be very careful when searching for alpacas for sale locally or online since you will not be able to check their background.

That is why I would advise you to purchase your alpacas only from a reputable source.

When I say “reputable source”, I’m talking about an alpaca breeder that is a member of the Alpaca Owners Association (AOA).

AOA maintains an official DNA-verified genealogical registry, so you may rest assured that the alpaca you’re buying is purebred.

All of the alpaca breeders listed below are AOA members, so you may contact any of them for further information about the alpacas they offer for sale. You should have no trouble finding one near you.

If you don’t locate a breeder in your area, don’t worry. All of them will deliver your alpacas across the country.

Alpaca Price

In the United States, a pet-quality alpaca will set you back anything from $200 to $1000, while a show-quality alpaca costs anywhere from $3000 up to $10 000+.

The price of alpacas varies depending on their fiber quality, breeding status, age, sex, coloration, and so on.

If you’re serious about buying alpacas then I would advise you to prepare your budget before getting into this business.

After all, owning an alpaca farm is a major investment that also requires a lot of time and commitment.

But, in the end, you must choose whether you want alpaca as a pet, farm-quality alpacas, or show-quality alpacas. This will have a significant impact on your purchase price.

The Cost of Raising Alpacas

The costs for owning an alpaca include the purchase price of the animal (a one-time investment) followed by ongoing expenses for shearing, veterinary bills for vaccinations and health checks, food, straw for bedding, and sawdust for the litter box.

It is not expensive to feed an alpaca since they consume only 1–2% of their body weight each day. This means that you may anticipate paying approximately $200 per year for hay and grain for a single alpaca.

alpacas for sale

For shearing around $40 is enough. Vaccination costs and occasionally health checks fall between $30 and $100 per year. For straw and sawdust, you might spend up to $5 per month.

I calculate that a single alpaca costs approximately $400 per year for basic care, feeding, and health, not including the one-time purchase price of the alpaca.

As I already said the initial cost of buying your first alpacas will depend on whether you want to raise them as pets, for shows, or for fiber production.

For the start-up costs for an alpaca farm, it’s usually advised that new owners begin with three alpacas to get used to how they act.

But between caring for adult animals, maintaining fencing, establishing a facility, providing water sources, shearing equipment – the costs are significant.

Alpacas need space to roam, so you’ll need at an acre to raise 3-10 alpacas. They also require a shelter where they can get out of the rain and wind, and a fencing system to keep them safe. You can either build your shelter and fencing or hire someone to do it for you.

You will also need to factor in the cost of transporting your alpacas across the country if you are showing or breeding them.

Keep in mind that if you don’t have a good quality adult male, then you must pay another farm for breeding, and you can expect to pay between $1,000 – $5,000 for this.

Alpacas for Sale – Breeders in the US

I’m only listing trustworthy, reputable and AOA alpaca breeders below. All of the farms I recommend here offer a healthy and safe environment for their alpacas.

1. Cotton Creek Farms

Cotton Creek Farms, in northwestern Michigan, is an alpaca farm with more than 60 alpacas. There is a 1200-square-foot farm store where you are always welcome to browse and say hello to the alpacas. They sell Alpaca feed as well.

Breeder: Jason and Rebecca Gill
Location: Thompsonville, MI
Phone: 231-631-2341

2. Foster’s Trail & Alpaca

Located in Cleveland, Tennessee, Foster’s Trail & Alpaca raises and sells high-quality Huacaya alpacas.

Breeder: Susan & Peter Goodwin
Location: Cleveland, TN 
Phone: 678-427-9611 or 423-310-6551

3. Wild Hair Alpacas LLC

Wild Hair Alpacas is located north of Colorado Springs in Colorado. You’ll find a variety of alpaca products and Huacaya alpacas for sale.

Breeder: Peter & Barbara Ziek
Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Phone: 719-495-6693

4. Holdfast Hilty Family Farm

Holdfast Hilty is a family-owned farm based in Medway, Ohio and they started raising alpacas in 2017. They have a large number of huacaya alpacas now.

Breeder: Hilty Family
Location: Lower Valley Pike, Medway, OH
Phone: 937-878-1111

5. New Era Fiber

Operating for more than 20 years, New Era Fiber is located in Gallatin, Tennessee, and is well-known for producing high-quality yarns that have won many awards.

Location: Gallatin, TN
Phone: 615-452-7852

6. Amber Autumn Alpacas

The Amber Autumn Alpacas is a ranch on 107 acres in Culver, Oregon. From 1996, the Amber Autumn Alpacas has been involved in this industry. You may get additional information about alpacas for sale by contacting them or going to their website.

Breeder: Daryl and Shirley Krause
Location: Culver, Oregon
Phone: 541-604-5277, 541-604-5277

7. Odin Falls Alpacas

Odin Falls is an alpaca farm in Terrebonne, Oregon, with many years of expertise raising and breeding alpacas. They have had some of the top female alpaca champions in the country throughout the years. This is the perfect place to find alpacas for sale.

Breeder: Allen Kallel
Location: Terrebonne, OR
Phone: 541-410-2324 

8. Cas-Cad-Nac Farm

Cas-Cad-Nac Farm is the largest alpaca farm in New England, situated on the southern slope of Mount Ascutney in Weathersfield, Vermont.

It’s a family-owned farm with over 20 years of expertise in raising and breeding alpacas. Definitely one of the best places to look for alpacas for sale.

Breeder: Ian and Jennifer Lutz
Location: Perkinsville, VT
Phone: 802-263-5740

9. Two Hearts Alpaca Ranch

Committed to breeding quality alpacas, the Two Hearts Alpaca Ranch is in the lovely hilly areas of Central Texas, near San Antonio.

Breeder: Harriet and Chick Neubauer
Location: La Vernia , TX
Phone: 713-447-3690

10. Skyfiber Ranch

Skyfiber Ranch is located in Orlean, Virginia. This is the ideal place to search for show-quality alpacas for sale with extraordinary fleece and good conformation.

Breeder: Aimée & Mark
Location: Orlean, VA

11. Morgan’s Fortunato Farm

If you’re searching for high-quality white Huacaya alpacas for sale, contact Morgan’s Farm or go to their farm in Waverly, West Virginia.

The farm is concentrating on raising and breeding only white animals because of their great potential to produce the desired fleece.

Breeder: Ben and Gina Morgan
Location: Waverly, West Virginia
Phone: 304-588-0249


KB Alpacas who began breeding and raising alpacas in 2006, is located in Clinton County, Ohio. National champions have been interbred with their breeding stock, so you may find Champion-quality alpacas at a reasonable cost.

Breeder: Kim & Brad DeLaney
Location: Wilmington, OH
Phone: 513-324-2151  or  513-236-8523

13. Memory M-Acres Farm

Suri alpacas are available for sale at Memory M-Acres Farm in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, which is home to some of the top bloodlines Suri alpacas in the country.

They offer pet and show quality alpacas, which means there is something for everyone.

Breeder: Bob Figular & Lisa Collura
Location: Lambertville, NJ
Phone: 609-902-3551

14. Kendall Creek Farms

Kendall Creek Farms is a member of the AOA and is a recognized and regarded breeder in this field.

Give them a call, whether you’re just curious, or you’re ready to start your alpaca farm and seek that perfect package to get you started.

Breeder: Chris and Lori Works
Location: Bradford, PA
Phone: 814-558-0346

15. Long Hollow Alpacas

If you’re searching for Suri alpacas for sale, Long Hollow Alpacas located in Gallatin, TN is another great place.

Breeder: Karl & Jan Heinrich
Location: Gallatin, TN 
Phone: 615-804-8553 or 615-804-8554

16. Red Granite Ranch

You’ll find some of the greatest and finest alpacas in the country in Northern Colorado at Red Granite Ranch. Since 2009, they have been breeding and selling alpacas.

Breeder: Marc and Sharon Milligan
Location: Livermore, CO
Phone: 303-906-4279 or 303-906-7739

17. Pleasant Journey Alpacas

Pleasant Journey Alpacas is a Colorado-based alpaca farm that was founded in 2007. This alpaca farm has an extensive selection of alpaca colors, so check out their alpaca sales list and give them a call to find the perfect one for you.

Breeder: Susan and Glenn Kacsh
Location: Hesperus, CO
Phone: 970-259-3384 or 602-762-5399


I hope this article has helped give you a good overview of what to expect if you’re thinking of buying alpacas, and most importantly where to buy alpacas from.

In summary, the purchase price of an alpaca will range anywhere from $200 to $10,000+, depending on the animal’s quality.

If you’re starting an alpaca farm for the first time, do as much study as possible. The Alpaca Owners Association offers a wealth of useful information, as well as books dedicated to alpacas and the farms you visit.

Good luck in your Alpaca adventure!

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