Ponies And Miniature Horses For Sale – 31 Best Breeders in US

Have you ever thought about getting a pony or a miniature horse? They’re adorable, and they can be great additions to the family. However, before you go out and buy one, there are a few things you need to know. In this article, I’ll discuss the prices of ponies and miniature horses for sale in the US, as well as provide you with a list of reputable breeders who sell them. So if you’re interested in adding a pony to your life, read on!

miniature ponies for sale

Quick Facts at a Glance

The miniature horses known as ponies or mini horses are the result of many generations of selective breeding.

The AMHA standard suggests that if a person were to see a photograph of a miniature horse, without any size reference, it would be identical in characteristics, conformation, and proportion to a full-sized horse.

One thing many people don’t know is that there are many miniature horse breeds just like full-size horses. A good sample of any miniature horse breed will have the same qualities, conformation, and proportion as a normal-sized horse.

They grow less than 38 inches depending on the breed. They are easy to handle and gentle in nature.

They’ve been trained as service animals to drive, do agility courses, and participate in other competitive horse show competitions.

Ponies are great for kids because they are usually gentle with them. They don’t have the energy of a full-size horse which makes it easy for children to be around them.

However, some ponies can be temperamental so make sure you research your specific pony breed before buying one.

The average lifespan of a pony is 25-35 years depending on the breed.

On the other side, you must be aware that certain health problems are more prevalent in ponies than their larger relatives.

For example, obesity is more common in ponies than in large horses. Some dental problems are caused by having the same number of teeth in a significantly smaller mouth.

The Importance of Buying a Miniature Horse from Reputable Breeder

When looking for a specific breed of a miniature horse for sale, make sure you research each breed to see which one(s) best suit your taste and lifestyle needs (not everyone wants to ride their pony or raise them with livestock).

When buying from a reputable and registered breeder, you know they’re selling healthy stock.

They will be able to provide you with documentation of vet checks before purchase and have certificates of registration from the American Miniature Horse Association (AMHA).

Horses that are registered with the AMHA must meet the AMHA standard of perfection.

This way you will avoid any unpleasant surprises, for example, you can be sure that your miniature horse will not exceed 34-38 inches in height.

Buying a tiny horse from a reputable breeder is the most effective way to ensure that you’re getting the pure blood of the breed you’ve chosen.

The Cost of Owning a Miniature Horse

miniature horses for sale

Before we get to the list of breeders who offer miniature horses for sale, let’s talk about the cost of keeping a pony.

If you’re going to get a mini horse because it will cost less, don’t do it. They also need the same things as full-sized horses.

You’ll have to pay the same for vaccinations and hoof care because they cost the same as for a full-seized horse. So while they may eat less food, many of your other expenses will be about the same.

The average monthly cost of owning a miniature horse will be between $200 and $325. The average yearly cost of horse ownership is $3,876 per horse, while the median cost is $2,419 according to a survey of 82 horse owners conducted by the University of Maine.

As I already said, on a monthly basis, you may pay less for hay and grain, but everything else will be the same.

Pony and Miniature Horse Price

Like most animals, the price of ponies is based on their breed.

Miniature horses and ponies can cost more than $5,000 depending on their bloodline. They usually range from $1000-$7500.

Some examples of breeds that may be available in your area are the  Falabella, Shetland pony, Faroe pony, Noma, Campeiro etc.

If you want a specific breed and you don’t see one available near you, most of the breeders on the list below sell ponies and miniature horses online and ship nationwide.

On the other hand, you might think that Craigslist is a wonderful place to look for a mini horse, as the pricing will be far less than if you were to purchase one from a registered breeder.

But, in general, you can be certain that the ponies were properly cared for and adored by their breeders because they are cared for by experienced breeders rather than a person who has one or two horses in their backyard.

Ponies And Miniature Horses For Sale

1. Flyin G Farm

Located in Graham, Washington, Flying G Farm is a family-owned farm. They have a quality herd of horses and are very selective in the horses they choose to breed.

If you’re searching for ponies for sale in Washington, Flying G Farm is definitely worth considering.

Breeder: Tracy & Vince Gutscher
Location: Graham, Washington
Phone:  253.405.3612
Email: flyingfarm@hotmail.com

2. Applecreek Farms

Located north of Houston, the focus on the Applecreek Farms is to breed elegant miniature horses according to the AMHA standards of perfection. The farm is also a proud owner of a World Champion.

Breeder: Applecreek Farms
Location: Bedias, Texas
Phone:  713.927.3077
Email: efuselier@me.com

3. World Of Miniatures

World of Miniatures has been breeding horses for many years, with a particular focus on smaller Halter horses under 30”. If you’re looking for ponies for sale in Texas, reach them out.

Breeder: Eric & Marilyn Meyer
Location: Fair Oaks, Texas
Phone:  210.884.5858
Email: meyereandm@gmail.com

4. Hopkins Heavensent Miniatures

Hopkins Heavensent Miniatures is a miniature horse farm located in Earleville, Maryland. It may be your one-stop shop for all you need since you can find many types of ponies for sale and experienced horse trainers.

Breeder: Debra Hopkins
Location: Earleville, Maryland
Phone: 443.693.5146

5. Little America Miniature Horses Farm

Little America is a central Texas-based family-owned and managed mini horse farm on rolling hills near the eastern edge of the famous Texas Hill Country.

Breeder: Tony, Carol & Lauren Greaves
Location: Buda, Texas
Phone: 512.295.4575
Email: LtlAmerica@aol.com

6. Big Leap Ranch

Big Leap Ranch, which is located in the California Gold Country near Nevada City and Grass Valley, offers mini horses for sale.

Breeder: Janice Kieler
Location: Penn Valley, California
Phone: 530.559.9568
Email: bigleapranch@att.net

7. Pecan Grove Farm

Located in the rolling hills outside Brenham, Texas, since 1994, Pecan Grove Farm has been a breeder and exhibitor of high-quality ponies.

They own a miniature horse that has been multiple times World Champion, now I’m guessing you’d want to own a mini horse with such a sire (a world-class pedigree).

Breeder: Jere Olson, Peggy Lloyd & Denny Mounce
Location: Round Top. Texas
Phone: 979.530.6400
Email: pecangrovefarm@aol.com

8. Oak Bay Acres

Oak Bay Acres is a horse farm in Oak Harbor, Washington, founded in 1973 and run by Sheryl Peterson.

The farm specializes in miniature horse breeding based on their stallion Oak Bay Salsamio, who has produced several World and National champion foals. If you’re looking for ponies for sale, you should definitely reach out to them.

Breeder: Sheryl Peterson
Location: Canby, Oregon
Phone: 503.545.9787
Email: oakbay@earthlink.net

9. Sunset Mountain Miniatures

Sunset Mountain Miniatures is a miniature horse farm in north Texas, specialized jumpers and driving horses.

All of the horses at Sunset Mountain Miniature are registered with the AMHA and AMHR.

Breeder: Daniel & Carla Crider
Location: North Texas
Phone: 254.592.6815
Email: twobluestars@sunsetmtn.com

10. Scott Creek Farm

With over 30 years of experience, Scott Creek Farm is a top breeder of Arabian-style miniature horses maturing below 34 inches.

Breeder: Joanne & Larry Ross
Location: Salem, Oregon
Phone: 503.580.6827
Email: joanne@scottcreek.com

11. Pecan Hollow Farm

Pecan Hollow Farm is a mini horse farm in Alvord, Texas, founded in 2013.

Breeder: Michael Brandt
Location: Van Alstyne, Texas
Phone: 214.356.1927
Email: pecanhollowfarm@gmail.com

12. Alliance Training Center

The Alliance Horse Farm, a breeding and training small horse farm in Canton, Texas, was founded in 1997 and has won numerous awards across the miniature horse world.

If you’re looking for a mini horse that could be a potential champion, bred through selective breeding, contact them immediately, they have AMHA and AMHR registered mini horses for sale.

Breeder: Mike Hlavatovic & Carey Campbell
Location: Canton, Texas
Phone: 903.638.3930
Email: Mike.Hlavatovic@aol.com

13. First Knight Miniatures

First Knight Miniatures is a miniature horse farm in Spurger, Texas, where they’ve been successfully breeding miniature horses for over 30 years. They compete in the show ring as well.

Breeder: KC Pappas, Stephani Pappas & Dominique Jone
Location: Spurger, Texas
Phone: 409.377.3447
Email: stephanifirstknight@gmail.com

14. Sonoita Highlands

Looking for mini horses for sale in California? The Sonoita Highlands is located in Escondido, Southern California, a small horse farm that aspires to produce the finest AMHA and AMHR mini horses.

Breeder: Lori Barile
Location: Escondido, California
Phone: 760.803.3637
Email: loribarile1@gmail.com

15. Texas Angels

Texas Angels is a miniature horse farm in Texas, producing national-quality miniature horses. They’ve World Champion mares and stallions in their miniature horse breeding program.

Breeder: Susan Stuart
Location: Tyler, Texas
Phone: 903.283.2537
Email: slazar@flash.net

16. Limestone

If you’re just getting started on your mini horse adventure, let Limestone help you!

With a lot of World and National honors and titles for their stallions, you can’t go wrong if you choose Limestone to buy your next miniature horse.

Breeder: Janet King
Location: Winnsboro, Texas
Phone: 903.629.3234
Email: jfk657@yahoo.com

17. Silver Thread Stables

Located in Ponca City, Silver Thread Stables is a farm where you can find AMHR registered mini horses for sale. The raise halter and performance champions.

Breeder: Eric & Lisa Rains
Location: Ponca City, Oklahoma
Phone: 832.693.1765

18. Pandoras Miniature Farm

Pandoras Miniature Farm competes their horses on all major miniature horse shows in the UK, Europe, and the US, and they have won every top award.

This is a Kent, UK-based farm, but I am including them because they also have a small herd of miniature horses in the United States.

They breed miniature horses with the Arabian look, so if you enjoy this type of mini horses, you should contact them.

Breeder: Lisa Berberich
Location: Tunbridge Wells, Kent, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 7976283281
Email: pandorasminiaturefarm@aol.com

19. Standing Ovations Miniatures

Standing Ovations is a miniature horse farm located in Virginia where you can find miniature horses for sale. They are breeding and raising AMHA registered mini horses.

Breeder: Janice Lewis & Tony Benvenuto
Location: Concord, Virginia
Phone: 434.238.7813
Email: virginiaminis38@gmail.com

20. Leyden Acres

Leyden Acres is a small, family-owned miniature horse farm run by Ken and Joyce Diehls located in Janesville, Wisconsin.

Breeder: Ken & Joyce Diehls
Location: Janesville, Wisconsin
Phone: 608.754.3450
Email: leydenacres@litewire.net

21. Hyde Away Ranch

Hyde Away Ranch is a wonderful place to find ponies for sale with an excellent pedigree if you live near Parma, Idaho.

They produce outstanding foals by breeding their excellent stallions with exceptional mares.

Breeder: Paul & Polly Hyde
Location: Parma, Idaho
Phone: 208.674.2415
Email: ph@hydeawayranch.com

22. Diva Valley Farm

Diva Valley Farm is one of the finest places to find mini horses for sale, with more than 40 years of expertise in raising and breeding small horses.

They are a family-owned farm located in western Pennsylvania that is home to many AMHA and AMHR National titles and Hall of Fame honors.

Breeder: Nicole & Boomer Pearsall
Location: West Middlesex, PA
Phone: 412.527.0358
Email: dvmfarms@hotmail.com

23. Gold Vision Farm

Gold Vision Farm are breeders of National Champions, where you can find beautiful miniature Shetlands for sale in Washington.

Breeder: Joanne & Bill Anderson
Location: Covington, WA
Email: palominomini@yahoo.com


JSW FARM is an American Mini Horse Association-registered horse farm based in West Liberty, Kentucky, with miniature horses for sale.

Breeder: Jonathan Whitt
Location: West Liberty, Kentucky
Phone: 606-743-3988

25. Harding’s Living Legends

Harding’s Living Legends, located just 70 miles southeast of Denver in Simla, is breeding top-notch show and pleasure horses.

Breeder: Kelley & Judy Harding
Location: Simla, Colorado
Phone: 719.541.4753
Email: rahtinka@hotmail.com

26. Painted Legend Miniatures

Painted Legend Miniatures is located about 30 minutes west of Fort Worth, Texas. This small family-owned farm is selling mini horses (both AMHA and AMHR registered).

Breeder: Stefani & Linda Dooling
Location: Springtown, Texas
Phone: 817.721.5377
Email: paintedlegendminiatures@gmail.com

​27. Skywalker Miniature Horses

Are you looking for miniature horses for sale in Florida? Skywalker Miniature is a small horse farm in Southwest Ranches, Florida, so stop by if you’re searching for AMHA/AMHR registered miniatures.

Breeder: Betty Buzzella
Location: SW Ranches, Florida
Phone: 954.434.7145
Email: blbbuzzella@aol.com

28. Azariah Miniatures

Azariah Miniatures is a small horse farm in southeastern Pennsylvania that specializes in selective breeding and showing colorful miniature horses.

Breeder: Julie Good  
Location:  Manheim, Pennsylvania 
Phone:  717-725-7784
Email: azariah@meadowindfarm.com

29. Impressible Minis

For more than 30 years, Impressible Minis has been breeding and raising some of the tiniest mini horses in the country outside of Mobile, Alabama.

Breeder: Frank & Pat Foster
Location: Mobile, Alabama
Phone: 251.649.0145

30. Alora Miniature Horses

In Alora Miniature Horses you can find miniature ponies for sale in Florida. It is a farm located in Merritt Island, Florida. They offer cute, loving miniature horses that are great halter horses.

Breeder: Jennifer Williams
Location: Merritt Island, Florida
Phone: 321.454.1031
Email: aloraminis@gmail.com

31. Wilkinson Pony Farm

Wilkinson Pony Farm is a farm from Chapman, Nebraska where you can find American Shetland ponies for sale.

Breeder: Lorri
Location: Chapman, Nebraska
Phone: 308.986.2527
Email: aloraminis@gmail.com


In this article, I discussed the importance of buying a miniature horse from a reputable breeder, and how the financial cost of owning one is about the same as owning a regular-sized horse. I have also provided the top 30 farms where you can find mini horses and ponies for sale.

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