Breeders With Flemish Giant Rabbits For Sale in North Carolina (NC)

Looking for breeders with Flemish Giant Rabbits for sale in North Carolina can be an exciting experience. They are a beloved breed of rabbit known for their calm, friendly nature along with their imposing size.

An average Flemish can weigh 10-15 lbs, making them quite substantial compared to petite dwarf breeds. Their large size also requires special consideration when it comes to housing and handling.

For those seeking a gentle giant bunny, finding ethical, responsible breeders should be the priority. Backyard bred rabbits are extremely common but won’t have the temperament, health, and conformation of carefully bred Flemish Giants.

Feel free to reach out and contact the breeders below. Schedule a time to visit and ask questions about current or upcoming stock. Below is our list of “Gentle Giant” Rabbits for sale in North Carolina (NC).

Flemish Giant Rabbits For Sale In (NC)

Breeder NameLocationPhone NumberWebsite
Rabbit Habbit RabbitryMooresville, NC(980) 435-2388see below
Tracy’s RabbitrySmithfield, NC(772) 807-0037see below
Gott Flemish RabbitryHarmony, NC(336) 492-2055see below

1. Rabbit Habbit Rabbitry

Rabbit Habbit Rabbitry is located in Mooresville, NC. Mary Adams recommends texting the phone number above to inquire about rabbit availability and prices.

2. Tracy’s Rabbitry

Tracy’s Rabbitry is located in Smithfield, NC. From their website “I’m a small Rabbitry as I strive to devote as much time to my bunnies as I can. I handle all my bunnies from day 1, so that they can get lots of attention and so that they will get used to being handled and played with. They get out of their cages daily for exercise and to spend time with the other bunnies.”

3. Gott Flemish Rabbitry

Gott Flemish Rabbitry is located in Harmony, NC. They offer 7 varieties: Black, Blue, Fawn, Light Gray, Sandy, Steel and White. From their website “n order to raise Flemish Giants properly, they require housing larger than the average sized rabbit.  Our rabbits are kept in pens that are built to allow access to the outside of the building.  This provides indoor shelter and outdoor access to fresh air.

Additional Resources

We have more links to Flemish Giant rabbits for sale in other states and countries

If you know of another reputable source of miniature cattle for sale in North Carolina, please contact us and we are happy to add it to our list.

Final Thoughts

The United States is home to a number of reputable Flemish Giant rabbit breeders. These breeders have years of experience and knowledge of the industry, which they use to produce high-quality cattle.

They also have access to the latest technologies and resources, which allow them to breed rabbits that are healthy and well-adapted to their environment.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a reputable rabbit breeder, be sure to check out the list in this article. You’ll be sure to find a breeder that can provide you with the quality cattle you need.

It is always important to do research before purchasing rabbits and call the ranch to schedule an appointment.

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