Top 5 Friendliest Chicken Breeds – Family Friendly Chickens

If you are looking for a list of the friendliest chicken breeds, then you are in the right place. Honestly, every single chicken on this list is going to be a true joy to own. A lot of these family friendly chicken breeds are going to be fairly productive when it comes to eggs and meat too. Shall we just jump right in and see which chicken breeds are the friendliest?

Do remember that while these chickens are friendly breeds, every chicken is going to have its own personality. This means that you may get one that is less than friendly.

However, to be honest, when it comes to these breeds, that is going to be pretty difficult. There is a reason why we are including these five on the list!

What are the Most Friendliest Chicken Breeds?

The most friendliest chicken breeds for pets are:

Now, let’s go more in depth and see what each of these friendly chickens have to offer.

The Silkie Chicken

Silkie chicken - friendliest chicken breeds

If you see a Silkie chicken, then you will instantly recognize it. It is the fluffiest of chicken breeds, and if you have one of these in your garden, it is going to be looking absolutely fantastic.

In fact, this is probably one of the most unique and friendliest chicken breeds you are going to ever see. This includes the extra fifth toe on its feet. This is something that the vast majority of chickens do not have!

In terms of egg production, you are not really going to be getting all that much from the Silkie. It produces three eggs per week, on average. However, this shouldn’t put you off of having a few Silkie chickens in your flock.

Besides being of the the friendliest chicken breeds in the world, they are fantastic when it comes to being broody. They seem to love raising the chickens of other breeds, so if you do have a less broody breed, then get some Silkies to help you out.

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friendliest chicken breeds

The Orpington chicken is one of the oldest chicken breeds in the world. It first appeared in England in the 1800s, incidentally in England.

This is a very, very large chicken breed which may have people think that it is less than friendly. However, we promise you that it isn’t. This is one of the friendliest chicken breeds out there.

Not only is this chicken going to have a tremendous time interacting with you and your family, but it seems to be able to get on with just about every other chicken out there. So, it makes a fantastic addition to your flock.

This is a larger breed, so it could be raised for meat. However, most people who raise the Orpington are doing it because they want a quality show chicken. In fact, some may argue that the fact that this is bred as a show chicken nowadays has taken away a little bit of what makes the chicken special.

This used to be one of the best egg laying chickens in the world, but nowadays, you would be lucky to get a couple of hundred eggs from it each year.

Cochin Chicken

family friendly chicken breeds

The Cochin Chicken is primarily a show chicken nowadays. Although, it is fairly large, which means it could also make a good meat breed for somebody who is planning to raise chickens for that purpose.

This is a chicken that seemingly is capable of getting on with just about any bird out there. In fact, this is evident with the fact that the Cochin Chicken is incredibly broody. So broody that you could actually use them to hatch the eggs of pretty much every single breed out there.

The look of the chicken is instantly recognizable, if only for the fact that the feet of the Cochin are completely covered in feathers.

In fact, the plumage of this bird is stunning. It really is no wonder that this is a breed that seems to be doing exceedingly well in the world of show chickens. In fact, it is pretty much only going to be found there nowadays.

That being said, this is a chicken breed that is going to be able to produce a lot of eggs per year. Not only is this one of the friendliest chicken breeds, but it is also going to be able to produce eggs throughout the colder months of the year. How awesome is that?


friendliest chicken breeds

Next up in the list of the most friendliest chicken breeds is the Australorp chicken which, for a good while, was one of the most popular egg-laying chicken breeds in the world.

This was a chicken breed that was pretty much developed to be able to interact well with humans on a regular basis, so if you have an Australorp or two, you can always expect it to come and greet you when you come close.

Nowadays, the chicken is still used heavily when it comes to egg production. Not as much as in the past, because there are better chickens for that.

However, if you want a breed that is still able to produce around 250 eggs per year, and this means through the colder months too, then the Australorp chicken is going to be pretty much the ticket.

The best part is that the Australorp is going to be a fairly easy chicken to raise, which means you do not have to worry too much about major health issues.

Again, this is part of the reason why it was bred. The breeders wanted to ensure that it could be raised commercially, and for that, your chicken cannot have any health issues.


For a good few decades, the Brahma chicken was one of the most important chickens to the meat industry in the United States. It has now fallen out of use for that, but a lot of backyard chicken owners are still raising the Brahma chicken because of their friendly nature, and the fact that they can grow incredibly large.

Besides being one of the friendliest chicken breeds in the world, if you want a chicken that lays a good number of eggs throughout the year, particularly during the winter months, then the Brahma is also going to be fantastic for you. Honestly, it really isn’t a surprise that this chicken breed was popular for so long. It is a fantastic utility breed.

Don’t forget; you should always go through our chicken breed profiles to find which chicken is right for you. Just because a chicken is friendly doesn’t mean it is a good match.

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