Holland Lop vs Netherland Dwarf – What’s The Difference?

The Holland Lop vs Netherland Dwarf are both small pet rabbits. Are you considering adding a furry bunny to your family? Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs are two of the most popular choices for bunny lovers.

These dwarf bundles of cuteness are known for their compact size and irresistibly cute faces. But which breed is the perfect fit for you? In this guide, we’ll discuss the differences between Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs, helping you make an informed decision on the best bunny breed for you.

holland lop vs netherland dwarf
Holland Lop (left) vs Netherland Dwarf (right)

From their personalities and care needs to their appearance and temperament, we’ll cover it all. So, if you’re ready to fall in love with a fluffy companion, keep reading to discover whether the Holland Lop vs Netherland Dwarf is the right bunny breed for you.

Holland Lop Vs. Netherland Dwarf at a Glance

Holland LopNetherland Dwarf
Weight2.5-4 lbs2-2.5 lbs
Height5 in6 in
Lifespan6-8 years8-10 years
ARBA1979 1969

The Origins

While these both may be classed as dwarf rabbits, they have different origins.

The Holland Lop is a breed that has been around since the 70s. This is a rabbit that was developed from combining the French Lop and the Netherland Dwarf.

So yes, you are going to be getting a bit of the Netherland Dwarf in the Holland Lop.

The Netherland Dwarf was developed about a decade earlier than this. It was developed from Polish Rabbits, one of the smallest rabbit breeds in the world.

These were combined with wild rabbits that, of course, have no breed. However, the breeders were looking for tiny wild rabbits that they could use to develop the Netherland Dwarf.

It is also important to note that domestic rabbits are not capable of surviving in the wild. Be sure to keep your dwarf rabbits in a safe enclosure so as not to be attacked by predators.

Characteristics of Holland Lop vs Netherland Dwarf

The Holland Lop as they name suggests, has ears that lay down over the head.

Ears are erect in the Netherland Dwarf rabbit and do not lay down.

The Netherland dwarf rabbit tends to weigh less compared to Holland Lop bunny.

The height of the bunnies is about the same, but the Netherland Dwarf tends to be 1 inch taller.

The biggest different between a Netherland Dwarf vs Holland Lop is the lifespan. The Netherland Dwarf can live up to 2 additional years longer.

Holland Lop vs Netherland Dwarf: The Size

Both of these rabbits are small. Among the smallest that you can buy. However, the Holland Lop can grow about 1 lb bigger. It isn’t really a huge amount in the grand scheme of things.

Their compact bodies are covered in soft and dense fur, making them incredibly cuddly. On the other hand, the Netherland Dwarf is the smallest breed of rabbit, with a compact body and short legs. Their ears are also small and upright, giving them an alert and perky appearance. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, adding to their overall appeal.

When you are comparing a Holland Lop vs Netherland Dwarf, both of the rabbits are going to be small enough that they can fit in an apartment.

You do not need to have a huge amount of space for either of these rabbits. It is important to have an enclosure that keeps the rabbits safe from prey like hawks, raccoons, owls, and coyotes.

This means that you can do the right thing and buy a couple of them. After all, rabbits are sociable creatures and they will be doing a whole lot better in a group.

In terms of size, Holland Lops are slightly larger than Netherland Dwarfs. Holland Lops typically weigh between 3 to 4 pounds, while Netherland Dwarfs weigh around 2 pounds. However, both breeds are considered small rabbits, making them suitable for indoor living. Their small size also means they require less space, making them ideal for apartment dwellers or those with limited outdoor space. Overall, both the Holland Lop and the Netherland Dwarf possess an undeniable cuteness that will melt your heart.

Netherland Dwarf Bunny


Firstly, we do want to point out that the information here may not necessarily apply to any rabbit that you obtain.

Just like humans, each rabbit will have its own unique personality. This means that this information is, mostly, going to be a general overview.

While we will tell you about the expected temperament of each rabbit, you will never know if that is the type of rabbit that you are going to receive.

You may end up with something that behaves completely differently. Our suggestion is to try and buy from a reputable rabbit breeder.

Another option is to check your local animal shelter for rabbits that are available for adoption. Sometimes, families are unable to care for rabbits and need to re-home for various reasons.

If they can provide you information on the rabbit’s siblings and their parents, you will get a much better idea of the sort of rabbit that you will end up with.

Bunnies and Children

If you have children, then you may want to rule the Netherland Dwarf out. This is a rabbit that doesn’t really like to be handled all that much.

It gets scared incredibly easily. It is the sort of bunny that would prefer to hide away out of harm’s way rather than running about enjoying the world.

There are some that have known to be a little bit aggressive too. Basically, the Netherland Dwarf is a rabbit that you should be leaving alone the vast majority of the time.

This is going to be fine for some people, but it may not be fine for everybody.

The Holland Lop is different. Completely different. This is a rabbit that loves to play about a lot. It loves to be handled too.

So, if you are looking for a rabbit breed that you are really going to be able to play and gel with, then the Holland Lop is probably going to be the absolute best choice.

This is often regarded as one of the better choices for those families that have children, at least. Although, it is still a small rabbit. You would have to be careful handling it.

Handling a young bunny early will also help with socialization and allow it to be held later as a full grown adult rabbit.

When it comes to personality traits and temperament, the Holland Lop and the Netherland Dwarf have their unique characteristics. Holland Lops are known for their friendly and social nature. They are generally outgoing and enjoy interacting with their human companions. They thrive on attention and love to be cuddled and petted. Their playful and curious nature makes them a great choice for families with children or individuals looking for an interactive and affectionate pet.

On the other hand, Netherland Dwarfs are known for their energetic and spunky personalities. They are intelligent and can be quite mischievous at times. Despite their small size, they are full of energy and love to explore their surroundings. Netherland Dwarfs are also known to be independent and can be a bit more reserved compared to Holland Lops. However, with proper socialization and care, they can form strong bonds with their owners and make loving companions.

Frequently asked questions about these bunnies

Can Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs be kept together?

Yes, these breeds can be kept together as long as they are properly introduced and have enough space to coexist peacefully.

Do Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs get along with other pets?

With proper socialization, both breeds can get along well with other pets, but it’s important to supervise their interactions to ensure everyone’s safety.

Are Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs suitable for first-time rabbit owners?

Yes, both breeds can be suitable for first-time rabbit owners as long as they are willing to provide the necessary care and attention.

How long do Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs live?

On average, both breeds have a lifespan of 8 to 12 years, but with proper care, they can live longer.

Are Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs good with children?

Yes, both breeds can be good with children, but it’s important to supervise interactions and teach children how to handle rabbits gently.

Health Issues

As these are popular breeds, the vast majority of health issues are non-existent. Chances are that you will end up with a rabbit that is going to be healthy throughout its life. However, we do want to point out a couple of problems that people have spotted.

The Holland Lop isn’t really a great rabbit for those that live in the hottest parts of the United States. It is one of those rabbit breeds that gets heatstroke easily.

Make sure your rabbits have plenty of access to a fresh water source.

So, if you live inside a building without air conditioning, or you want your rabbit to live outside, then you may want to avoid the Holland Lop.

The Netherland Dwarf is more about breathing issues. Although, these tend not to happen until later in their life. They are never really going to be a huge deal either. It happens with just a fraction of the rabbits.

Another common health issue in rabbits is gastrointestinal stasis, which is a condition where the digestive system slows down or stops working. This can be caused by factors such as a poor diet, lack of exercise, or stress. Regular vet check-ups and a balanced diet can help prevent gastrointestinal stasis. Lastly, both breeds are prone to ear infections, so regular cleaning and monitoring of their ears is important.

Finding a reputable breeder or adopting a bunny

Once you’ve decided on the breed that suits your lifestyle, the next step is finding a reputable breeder or considering adopting a bunny. If you choose to go through a breeder, it’s important to do thorough research and find a reputable one with a good track record. Look for breeders who prioritize the health and well-being of their rabbits and provide a clean and safe environment. Ask for recommendations from other rabbit owners or seek advice from local rabbit clubs or organizations.

Another option is adopting a bunny from a shelter or rescue organization. There are many rabbits in need of loving homes, and adopting a rescue rabbit can be a rewarding experience. When adopting, make sure to ask about the rabbit’s background and health history. Some rabbits may have special needs or require extra care, so it’s important to be fully informed before making a decision. Additionally, adopting a rabbit can save a life and give them a second chance at a happy and loving home.


If fur color is important, then the Netherland Dwarf has a lot more options available when it comes to coloring. Almost double the amount of the Holland Lop. Although, they both still have a decent amount of colors available.

Neither rabbit is going to take much in the way of extra grooming. A brush here and there to remove the tangles is probably about as far as you are going to need to go. Both rabbits shed, but not a whole lot. You may spot a few bits of fur here and there.

Holland Lop and Netherland Dwarf Care

When it comes to care and maintenance, both the Holland Lop and the Netherland Dwarf have similar needs. Regular grooming is essential to keep their fur clean and healthy. Brushing their fur at least once a week helps prevent matting and keeps their coat looking its best. Additionally, their nails should be trimmed regularly to prevent overgrowth and discomfort. Both breeds also require a balanced diet consisting of fresh vegetables, hay, and pellets to ensure their nutritional needs are met.

Another important aspect of care is providing them with a safe and comfortable living environment. A spacious cage with ample room for them to hop and play is essential. It’s also important to provide them with toys and other forms of mental stimulation to prevent boredom. Regular exercise and playtime outside the cage are also important for their physical and mental well-being. Overall, with proper care and attention, both the Holland Lop and the Netherland Dwarf can thrive and live a happy and healthy life.

Holland Lop vs Netherland Dwarf: Lifespan

The Holland Lop’s expected lifespan is 6-8 years. The Netherland Dwarf is 8-10 years. So, the Netherland Dwarf is a rabbit that lives a couple of years longer. In fact, it can live up to four years longer.

It is worth noting that some breeders offering Holland Lop bunnies for sale are looking to increase the Holland Lop’s lifespan. However, since this is a process that is likely to take a long time, expect the Holland Lop to be around the 5-7 years mark.

Holland Lop Bunnies Playing

Holland Lop or Netherland Dwarf: Which One is Best for You?

Both are fantastic rabbits. There is no doubt about that.

When choosing between the Holland Lop and the Netherland Dwarf, it’s important to consider your lifestyle and preferences. If you’re looking for a social and outgoing rabbit that loves attention, then the Holland Lop might be the perfect choice for you. Their friendly and playful nature makes them a great fit for families with children or individuals who want an interactive pet. On the other hand, if you prefer a rabbit with a spunky and energetic personality, the Netherland Dwarf might be the right breed for you. Their independent nature and small size make them suitable for individuals or families looking for a lively and entertaining companion.

Additionally, consider the space you have available for your rabbit. Both breeds can adapt well to indoor living, but it’s important to provide them with enough space to hop and play. If you live in a small apartment or have limited outdoor space, the compact size of both breeds makes them a suitable choice. Lastly, consider your level of commitment and willingness to provide the care and attention these adorable bunnies require. Owning a rabbit is a long-term commitment, and it’s important to ensure you can meet their needs for their entire lifespan, which can range from 8 to 12 years.

Final Thoughts

Both the Holland Lop and the Netherland Dwarf are adorable bunny breeds with their unique traits and charm. Whether you choose the Holland Lop for its friendly and social nature or the Netherland Dwarf for its spunky and energetic personality, both breeds can make wonderful companions. It’s important to consider your lifestyle, space availability, and commitment level before making a decision. Whether you choose to find a reputable breeder or adopt a rescue rabbit, providing a loving and caring home is the most important aspect. So, take your time, do your research, and get ready to welcome a furry friend into your family who will bring you joy and happiness for years to come.

If you want a rabbit that you can play with or you have children, then the Holland Lop is going to be the best choice. If you just want a rabbit that you can have enjoying your home and you are not too fussed about how willing it is going to be to play with you, then either of the rabbits will be perfect.

As we said before, the Netherland Dwarf is certainly for those that are not too bothered about how much their rabbit will play with them. You may also want to consider the Flemish Giant Rabbits for sale as well as they are know for super soft fur.

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