Mini Cows For Sale in California

For farmsteads and rural homeowners with enough space, raising miniature cattle breeds, commonly known as mini cows, can be an appealing livestock option in California. Mini cows for sale in California have surged in popularity over recent years thanks to their smaller size, lower feed requirements, and inherent cuteness factor compared to standard cattle.

They typically stand no taller than 48 inches at maturity, with breeds like Dexter and Lowline Angus staying under 42 inches. Their compact size makes mini cattle a feasible livestock addition even on 1-2 acres.

While the mini cow market in California is still developing, interested buyers can seek out breeders in the state and surrounding East Coast region offering registered stock for sale. Whether you admire the Jersey-like appearance of Zebu or dream of tiny Lowline “black beauties,” carefully researching breeders is a must.

Feel free to reach out and contact the mini cow breeders below. Schedule a time to visit and ask questions about current or upcoming stock. Below is our list of mini cattle for sale in California (CA).

Mini Cows For Sale In California (CA)

Breeder NameBreedLocationPhone NumberWebsite
C2 Miniature Highland Cattle CoHighlandFresno, CA559-250-2767see below
Dantre RanchHerefordBrentwood, CA925-565-2188see below
Bougie Cattle CompanyHighland
Apple Valley, CA760-954-9964see below
Hammerlun’s Micro Miniature CattleZebuWilton, CA916-849-7500see below
Rocking R-B Miniature HerefordsHerefordSonora, CAnone foundsee below

1. C2 Miniature Highland Cattle Company

C2 Miniature Highland Cattle Company is located in the central valley, near Fresno CA. They breed and raise miniature and micro Highland cows. You can visit their website and see pictures of some micro Highlands that can fit in a shopping cart at Target or in the back of an SUV. These minis are amazingly small but have all the features of larger Highlands.

2. Dantre Ranch

  • Address: Brentwood, CA
  • Phone: 925-565-2188
  • Email:
  • Website
  • Social Media: none found
  • Breed: Mini Hereford
  • Price: email or visit website for info

Dantre Ranch is located in the East Bay of San Francisco, near Brentwood CA. They breed and raise miniature Hereford cows on a 5 acre homestead. They have an incredible philosophy from their website “Raise the best Registered Miniature Hereford cattle conceivable, in the most natural and humane methods possible.”

3. Bougie Cattle Company

Bougie Cattle Company is located in Apple Valley, CA. They raise micro and mini Highlander, Hereford and Dexter cattle. From their website “Our Highlander breed cattle are extremely docile and loved to be brushed and petted, and of course throw in a lick or two. We are passionate about our bougie breed.”

4. Hammerlun’s Micro Miniature Cattle

Hammerlun’s Micro Miniature Cattle is located in Wilton, CA and near Sacramento. According to their facebook page Hammerlun’s has a “small herd (Pun intended) of micro mini cattle of various colors. We offer micro mini crossbred calves suitable for pets, center cattle (for cutters & RCH people) homesteading, and or lawn ornaments or pets.”

5. Rocking R-B Miniature Herefords

  • Address: Sonora, CA
  • Phone: none found
  • Email:
  • Website: none found
  • Social Media
  • Breed: miniature herefords
  • Price: email or visit fb for info

Rocking R-B Miniature Herefords is located in the Tuolumne County town of Sonora, CA.

Additional Resources

We have more links to mini cows for sale in other states and countries. North CarolinaPennsylvaniaTexas, TXOhio, (OH)

If you know of another reputable source of miniature cattle for sale in California, please contact us and we are happy to add it to our list.

Final Thoughts

The United States is home to a number of reputable miniature cattle breeders. These breeders have years of experience and knowledge of the industry, which they use to produce high-quality cattle.

They also have access to the latest technologies and resources, which allow them to breed cattle that are healthy and well-adapted to their environment.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a reputable mini cattle for sale in California, be sure to check out the list in this article. You’ll be sure to find a breeder that can provide you with the quality cattle you need.

It is always important to do research before purchasing mini cattle for sale and call the ranch to schedule an appointment.

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