Places To Find Silkie Chickens For Sale in California

With their distinct fluffy plumage, friendly nature, and renown as both pets and show chickens, Silkies are a popular poultry breed like no other. Looking for Silkie chickens for sale in California can take more patience and diligence than locating common chicken breeds.

Backyard “bargain bin” chicks or chickens from industrial hatcheries are unlikely to meet the standards of the Silkie breed.

Instead, connecting with regional Silkie breeders to find birds directly can help ensure you get the quality, pedigree, and breed traits you’re seeking. From varieties like Partridge, Splash, and Painted to consideration of bearded vs non-bearded chicks, those new to Silkies may not know where to start. The list below will help you researching and identifying reputable Silkie chicken breeders so you can find fabulous fluff-balls to bring home.

Feel free to reach out and contact the Silkie Chicken Hatcheries below. Schedule a time to visit and ask questions about current or upcoming stock. Below is our list of Silkie’s for sale in California (CA).

Silkie Chickens For Sale In California (CA)

Silkie Farm NameLocationPhone NumberWebsite
California Silkie Chickens RanchNorco, CAnone foundsee below
Sunny Side Up RanchLake Elsinore, CA949-939-9947see below
Silkies HomesteadApple Valley, CA760-515-7748see below
Hilltop FarmsCorona, CAnone foundsee below
Buckaboo FarmOrange County, CA949-922-1373see below
Alchemist Farm & GardenSebastopol, CA707-336-2202see below
Bailey’s Exotic SilkiesHollister, CA669-253-8270see below

1. California Silkie Chickens Ranch

California Silkie Chickens Ranch is located in Norco, CA. They have an active fb page with updates on silkies available for purchase.

2. Sunny Side Up Ranch

  • Address: 34700 Borchard Rd, Lake Elsinore, CA 92530
  • Phone: 949-939-9947
  • Email: none found
  • Website
  • Social Media: none found
  • Price: text for pricing

Sunny Side Up Ranch is located in Lake Elsinore, CA. They sell several breeds of chickens, including Silkie chick, Silkie Cochin Bantam hen, and Silkie Cochin Bantam Roo. Check their website or text to see if they also have Frizzled Bantam chicks available. Owners Amy, Dave and Brian share on their website “We now offer our farm as a job training experience for teens and young adults with special needs.  We work the farm together.  There is more love than you can imagine going into every chick we hatch.  Proceeds from our farm go back into either the care of our birds or our training program. Our customer base has grown leaps and bounds, and one of our favorite parts is receiving pictures and videos of our chickens at their new homes.”

3. Silkies Homestead

Silkies Homestead is located in Apple Valley, CA. They are hobby breeders of Silkie’s and according to their website “feed organic moringa superfoods to their silkies.” Check out their fb page for updates on available chickens.

4. Hilltop Farms

  • Address: 8383 North Weirick Road, Corona, CA 92883
  • Phone: none found
  • Email:
  • Website
  • Social Media: none found
  • Price: email or visit website

Hilltop Farms is located in Corona, CA. From their website “Hilltop Farms is a small family owned Farm. Our passion is to live and eat clean by growing fresh organic fruits, vegetables, and quality poultry. Hilltop Farms was founded in 2012 on a very special property in southern California.” They offer Blue, Black, White, and Buff Silkies for sale. Email or visit website to get on their interest list.

5. Buckaboo Farm

Buckaboo Farm is located in Orange County, CA. From their website they offer the following types of Silkies for sale “standard silkies, frizzled silkies, satins, frizzled satins (they look like a chrysanthemum), and showgirl silkies (naked neck). The colors that are currently in our flock are paint, white, blue, black, splash, silver partridge, gold partridge, red pyle, laced, blue/buff combo, and buff”. Also, the best way to get more info is “If you’d like to order birds or eggs please email Tiffany at! I will put you on a waitlist and let you know when yours are available! Local pick-up in Orange County, CA is free. Prices shown do not include shipping.  Buckaboo Farm does not currently ship live birds, but we will ship fertile eggs for $15-$20 within the United States.”

6. Alchemist Farm & Garden

Alchemist Farm & Garden is located in Sebastopol, CA. From their website “We are a small family farm team headed up by Franchesca & Ryan Duval along with our two children in Northern California.  We are pioneers of humane breeding and hatching, no male chicks are killed on our farm as they are at large scale hatcheries and all of our breeding groups are free to roam on their separate pastures.” Silkie colors available for purchase are are black, white, paint, mottled, grey, buttercream. Email or visit their website for info on their farm and chicken breeds.

7. Bailey’s Exotic Silkies

Bailey’s Exotic Silkies is located in Hollister, CA. Visit their fb page for Silkies for sale and colors available.

Additional Resources

We have more links to Silkie’s for sale in other states and countries

If you know of another reputable source of Silkie chickens for sale in California, please contact us and we are happy to add it to our list.

Final Thoughts

Raising chickens can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but ensuring you start out with healthy chicks from reputable breeders is key. Don’t rush the process of researching local hatcheries and connecting with regional breeders online and at poultry swaps.

Ask questions, visit facilities if possible, and choose sources that prioritize ethical practices and quality birds over mere profit. Patience will pay off in the long run when your chicks grow into thriving, productive hens. With the proper guidance and breeder relationships established, you’ll be equipped to continue expanding your flock with new Silkie chicks season after season.

If you’re looking for a reputable Silkie chicks for sale in California, be sure to check out the list in this article. You’ll be sure to find a breeder that can provide you with the quality cattle you need.

It is always important to do research before purchasing Silkies for sale and call the ranch to schedule an appointment.

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