Bielefelder Chicken – Eggs, Size, Colors, For Sale Info and More

If you want a quality egg-laying chicken, then the German Bielefelder chicken is one of the best that money can buy. This German autosexing chicken is immensely productive. With a flock of 6 hens, you should be having a decent number of eggs laid each day. Let’s discuss about the Bielefelder chicken eggs, meat and temperament. We will also provide you with a couple of reputable hatcheries that we have personally used, so that you can find Bielefelder chickens for sale.

We will take a look at that shortly, though.

Bielefelder Chicken Facts at a Glance

TemperamentFriendly and Docile
Eggs230 eggs per year
Egg Shell ColorBrown
Comb TypeSingle
UseEggs + Meat
WeightMale: 6.6 – 8.8 lb (3 – 4 kg)
Female: 5.5 – 6.7 lb (2.5 – 3.25 kg)
Country of originGermany
StatusNot at risk
Admitted to APANot recognized
Bielefelder Chicken Facts

Where Does the Bielefelder Come From?

The Bielefelder chicken is a chicken that originates from Germany. However, it is not a fully German chicken. In fact, the breeds that went into creating this breed came from all over the world. This includes:

If you are familiar with any of these breeds, then you will likely have an idea about what the breeders of the Bielefelder chicken were going for.

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The Use of the Bielefelder Chickens

This is a dual-purpose breed, and as such the German Bielefelder chicken was designed from the ground-up to be used by the commercial chicken industry.

In fact, almost all of the traits that it has exist purely to make as much money as possible.

Bielefelder Chicken
Photo source

For example, the Bielefelder is one of only a few auto-sexing chicken breeds. The second it hatches, you will know what the males and females are.

They look completely different. This saves money on sexing, which commercial chicken farms love. Otherwise, you will need to know how to sex chicks.

The Bielefelder rooster can weigh up to 8.8 lbs, while the hens can reach 6.7 lbs. It isn’t the greatest meat chicken breed in the world, but when you factor in all of the other traits that make it so good as a commercial chicken, most companies are probably not going to mind.

While the chicken is likely to appear at chicken shows, it will mostly be agricultural shows where the breeders are looking to sell their stock onto commercial farmers.

It isn’t really a chicken that is famed for its good looks, like many other show chickens.

Bielefelder Chicken Eggs

The Bielefelder chicken can produce over 230-eggs with brown color per year. This is a whopping amount!

Bielefelder Chicken Eggs
Bielefelder Chicken Eggs

It is a cold hardy chicken, so there will be constantly laying coming from this breed, which, again, the commercial chicken industry loves.

When the eggs are done laying, then this chicken can be used as a meat chicken.

Raising the Bielefelder Chicken

Since this is a chicken that has been designed for the commercial market, it is incredibly easy to raise. It is not really prone to any disease that normally impacts chickens.

Bielefelder Chicken
Photo source

You will be pleased to know that because the main purpose of this chicken is eggs, it isn’t going to die prematurely.

Sure, it is a meat chicken, but it is not a broiler chicken. So, you will be able to enjoy eggs from this breed over the course of several years.

Although, you will probably want to bear in mind that the egg production will dwindle over time. However, let’s be honest, this is going to be the same for most chicken breed.

This is a friendly chicken breed. This is the type of breed that you can bond with.

For that reason, we recommend the Bielefelder chicken for families, or perhaps those that are looking to get started with chicken raising.

Your only concern should be having a high enough coop with this chicken. They love to roost a couple of feet up.

Bielefelder Chickens for Sale

If you are lucky enough to live near a local hatchery where you can find Bielefelder chickens for sale, then it’s great. Just make sure that you purchase from a reputable chicken breeders.

Otherwise, here are some reputable hatcheries that you may consider, where you can find Bielefelder chickens for sale:

The general cost per chick ranges from $2.50-$5 for males and $3.50-$8 for females. Straight run chicks usually range less.

If you are new to backyard chickens and wondering why straight run chicks are chipper, it is simply because no chick-sexing has taken place with these chicks. It means you may end up with 10 rooster if you buy 10 straight run chicks. You never know.

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