Wyandotte Chicken Growth Chart: Week By Week

To help beginners understand what is the growth rate of Wyandotte, I have created a week by week growth chart that shows the average weight of Wyandotte pullets at each stage of life.

This is not meant to be a scientific study or anything. It’s just something fun that I would like to do so that you can see how the chicks are developing over time.

You can compare your chick’s weight week by week and see if there are any significant changes!

The Use of the Chicken

The Wyandotte chickens are one of the oldest chicken breeds in North America, dating back over 150 years ago.

Wyandottes are a dual-purpose breed that excels in both egg production and meat production. Wyandotte roosters weigh around nine pounds while the hens average six pounds at maturity.

They have also been known to be good layers and can produce eggs at a respectable clip (around 180-200 per year).

From a small flock of hens, you will get more than enough of egg and breast protein annually!

Wyandotte chicken growth chart and weight

The bird’s friendly attitude has made it a favorite among many homesteaders who want either their children or visitors to have an opportunity to interact with them, without fear of being pecked or harmed by these docile birds.

My grandparents have Wyandotte hens and from my personal experience, they’re one of the friendliest chicken breeds to be around. They eat from your hand and are not afraid to come up close.

Wyandotte Chicken Growth Chart

Are you curious about the growth rate of Wyandotte chicken? The following chart will help you to keep track!

This Wyandotte chicken growth chart, will help you keep an eye on your Wyandotte’s progress week by week!

This chart can be used any time during their life cycle from chick to 40 weeks old pullets. It is also good for observing how they change in size as they grow older.

Age in WeeksWeight of Wyandotte
Pullets in Pounds
Wyandotte Chicken Growth Chart

The following chart shows the Wyandotte pullet’s growth rate until they reach 40 weeks. The most significant gains were seen between weeks 9 and 16.

Age in WeeksGains by 4 weeks of
Pullets in Pounds
Wyandotte Growth Chart – Gains by 4 weeks

The growth rate of Wyandotte chicks was studied by the College of Agriculture at the University of Missouri.

Influence on Growth Rate of Wyandotte

The growth rate of a chicken is dependent on many factors. The breed and genetics, the weather conditions, the hatching time and diet are all contributing factors to how quickly or slowly a chicken will grow.

The growth rate of Wyandotte chicks may seem like it would be easy to predict but in reality it varies with each individual bird because there are so many factors involved.

However, this Wyandotte chicken growth chart can be helpful when comparing your chicks’ development levels to a common standard.


If you’re a Wyandotte chicken farmer, or just a person who likes to keep up with the latest in poultry industry news, it’s important for you to know how your Wyandotte chickens are doing.

That’s why I’ve created this handy little growth chart of Wyandotte pullets, which will show you their weight gains throughout the first 40 weeks.

You’ll be able to track how much your chicks have grown every single week! You can also use this information as an educational tool: explaining to people who visit your farm or buy from you at farmers markets what is the growth rate of Wyandotte chicks, or how much do they weigh, and so forth. I hope this article helps!

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