Can Chickens Eat Mango?

Mango or the ‘king of fruits’ (as it is called in some countries) is a juicy stone fruit produced from numerous species of tropical trees. In addition to being delicious, mangoes pack a host of health benefits too! Do you have some mango you want to give to your chickens? Wondering if it is going to be safe for them to eat? Well, you are on the right page. We are going to answer the question ‘can chickens eat mango?’.

Can Chickens Eat Mango
Can Chickens Eat Mango?

Can Chickens Eat Mango?

Yes, chickens can eat mango. In fact, mango is a fantastic way to top up some of the nutrients that the chickens are going to be getting from their standard chicken feed.

Of course, mango is high in sugar. It has more sugar than just about every other fruit that you can give your chickens.

This is probably why they love the taste so much, just the way chickens like to eat grapes too. This means that chickens can be given mango, but it is something that should absolutely be given to them in moderation if you want your chickens to thrive.

How to Feed Mango to Your Chickens

Some humans are allergic to mango skin. It is unknown whether chickens suffer from the same allergic reaction. Some people will give their backyard chickens a bit of mango skin without any ill effect, but you may need to watch the amount that you are giving them.

You should also watch their behavior when they eat the mango skin. Generally speaking, we tend to avoid giving the skin to our backyard chickens. This is because the taste is quite awful, and chickens tend not to eat it anyway.

Can Chickens Eat Mango

If you are going to be keeping the skin of the mango on, then you will want to ensure that you completely wash the mango. Otherwise, if you don’t, then there will be pesticides on the mango skin which can cause harm to your chickens.

If you are removing the mango skin, then scoop out all of that delicious mango flesh. You can then cube it up. We suggest that you put the mango in a dedicated food bowl.

This will stop the mango from attracting dust. It is also going to make everything a whole lot easier to tidy up should they not eat everything. After all, a mango is going to rot after a while, and this means that it is going to attract pests into the area.

As we said before; you are going to want to keep the amount of mango that you give to your chickens to the absolute minimum. It is high in sugar. We don’t like to give our whole flock of chickens more than one or two mangos between them a week.

If you can, then you may find that it would be a little bit better to mix up the mango with some other fruits (chickens love grapes, bananas, apples …). Obviously, reduce the mango quantity appropriately. It will cut back the sugar, while at the same time providing more nutrients for your birds.

Chickens eating mango

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Chickens Eating Mango May Change Their Behavior

Chickens can eat mango, but some people may note that their chickens become a little bit more energetic after consuming it.

This is the sugar content of the fruit. It will dwindle down after a while. If your chickens are a little bit too hyper, then make a mental note to reduce the amount of mango that you give them going forward.

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