Shorthorn Cattle For Sale And Breeders Near You

Looking for Shorthorn cattle for sale? You’ve come to the right place! I will list some of the best breeders and farms in the US, that sell shorthorn cattle. If you’re interested in raising Shorthorn cattle, it’s important to buy them from a reputable breeder and I am sure that you will find one near you.

I have compiled a list of the best breeders and farms in the US, so be sure to check them out carefully!

Shorthorn cattle for sale

Shorthorn Breed Origin and Characteristics

The Shorthorn cattle breed is a versatile and adaptable breed that originated in the North East of England in the late eighteenth century.

Early Shorthorns were bred for both dairy and beef production (as a dual purpose breed), and they quickly became popular for their versatility, but over time, they developed into two distinct breeds – the Beef Shorthorn and the Dairy Shorthorn.

The beef Shorthorn is a larger, muscular breed that is well-suited for meat production.

The dairy Shorthorn, on the other hand, is a smaller, more dairy-oriented breed that produces high-quality milk. Today, both of these breeds are raised around the world, and their versatility makes them well-suited for a variety of environments.

Whether you’re looking for a productive milking Shorthorn or a hardy beef Shorthorn for sale, this is an excellent choice.

Choosing the Right Shorthorn Breeder

When looking for shorthorn cattle for sale, it’s important to choose a reputable breeder.

Some things you should look for include:

– A breeder who is registered with the American Shorthorn Association (ASA).

– Someone who has a good reputation and is known for producing high-quality cattle.

– A breeder who will allow you to visit their farm and see the cattle firsthand.

– A breeder who is willing to provide support and advice after you purchase your cattle.

With all of this in mind, I’ve put together a list of the top Shorthorn breeders in the US.

The American Shorthorn Association (ASA) is the main governing body for the Shorthorn breed in the US, and all of the registered breeders below are members.

Shorthorn Cattle Price

The price of Shorthorn cattle will vary depending on the age, sex, and quality of the animal.

Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1000 up to $10000 for a good show quality Shorthorn.

This wide range in price means that potential buyers should do their research before making a purchase, to ensure that they are getting a good deal. Anyway, Shorthorns can be a great investment for those looking to start or expand their farm.

Shorthorn Cattle For Sale

The following breeders are some of the best in the country and offer high-quality Shorthorn cattle for sale.

Be sure to check them out carefully and contact them for more information!

shorthorn cattle for sale

WHR Shorthorns

WHR Shorthorns is a family-owned farm in Van Alstyne. The Rasor family has been in the Shorthorn industry for a century (amazing right?).

Many of the Shorthorn cattle sold at the farm have been recognized as National Champions because of some of the best genetics possible. One of the best places to look for exceptional Shorthorn cattle for Sale in Texas.

Address: 1800 Lovers Leap • Van Alstyne, TX 75495
Phone: 214-850-4690 

Loving Farms

If you are looking for Shorthorn cattle for sale in Kansas, Loving Farms, located in Pawnee Rock, is a family-owned and operated business that has been breeding quality Shorthorns since 1950.

Address: 351 T Road, Pawnee Rock, KS
Phone: 620-786-2018 or 620-786-1369

Paint Valley Farms

Paint Valley Farms is a farm in Ohio that specializes in beef Shorthorns. The farm takes great joy in raising high-quality beef cattle for more than two decades.

Address: 10550 Twp Rd 262, Millersburg, Ohio, 44654
Phone: 330-231-6834

Jungles Shorthorn Farms

Jungles Shorthorn Farms is a breeder of registered Angus and Shorthorn cattle in North Dakota, with almost 70 years of experience.

Address: 5337 CR 21, Kathryn, ND 58049
Phone: 701-238-4362

Cates Farms

Cates Farms, located in Missouri, is a family farm that has been raising and selling high quality Shorthorns for over 50 years.

Address: 7893 South Indian Trail, Modoc, IN 47358
Phone: 765-853-5819, 765-576-0035

Vogel Shorthorn Farm

Vogel Shorthorn Farm is located in Rogers, North Dakota. The farm today consists of 150 head of cattle, with a majority of the herd being registered Shorthorn.

Address: 10631 24th Street SE, Rogers, North Dakota 58479
Phone: 701-320-4054 or 701-261-1667

Clark Farms

Clark Farms is a cattle farm in Pleasantville, Iowa, that sells semen, embryos, and Shorthorn cattle.

Address: 495 Erbe St. Pleasantville, IA 50225
Phone:  515-681-6297

Whispering Hills Farm

Whispering Hills Farm was founded in 1978 as a sheep ranch in Damascus, Oregon. They are now focused on raising high-quality Polled Shorthorns. If you’re looking for heritage Polled Shorthorn cattle for sale , look no further!

Address: 6515 Kurtz RD, Dallas, OR 97338
Phone: 503-704-2408

Hill Haven Shorthorns

You can find purebred Shorthorn cattle for sale in Hill Haven Shorthorns. The farm is located in Duntroon, Ontario, Canada

Address: 2214 County Road, 124, Duntroon, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 705-444-9403 or 519-378-5508


The family-owned Texas Shorthorn farm 4 BAR S is continuously working to improve the bloodline of their SHorthorn cattle. Give them a call today.

Address: 1817 Cemetery Road, Bellville, TX 77418
Phone: 979-277-5164 or 979-203-0653 

44 Cattle Company

The 44 Cattle Company began as a family business in 1959 north of Big Springs, Texas. Shorthorn and Miniature Hereford cattle are available for sale from this breeder.

Address: 18502 Gail Hwy. Big Spring, Texas 79720
Phone: 432-634-5953 or 432-661-2939

Tadmore Farms

Shorthorn and Shorthorn Plus cows for sale are available at Tadmore Farms in Texas.

Address: 7153 County Road 309, Caldwell, Texas 77836
Phone: 832-588-8604 or 281-684-4809

Maples Shorthorns

Maples Shorthorns is a family-owned and operated farm in Copperas Cove, Texas, that has been breeding registered Shorthorn cows and bulls since 1989.

Address: 810 Harmon Road, Copperas Cove, TX 76522
Phone: 512-768-3356 or 254-289-3429

Lazy 8 Ranch

Lazy 8 Ranch is a cattle ranch located in the beautiful Eastland in Texas. They offer for sale registered Shorthorn cattle.

Address: 2553 FM 570, Eastland, TX 76448
Phone: 254-631-5947

Triple R

Last on the list, is Triple R Shorthorn Ranch. This breeder is located in Blooming Grove, Texas, and is another great place where you can find offers Shorthorn cattle for sale.

Location: Blooming Grove, Texas
Phone: 972-896-5752

Shorthorn Cattle for sale

Final Thoughts

Buying a shorthorn cattle can be a big decision. Not only do you have to choose the right animal for your needs, but you also have to find a reputable breeder who can provide support and advice after you make your purchase.

There are many great breeders listed here, so take your time and find the one that is right for you. With so many options available, it’s important to do your research and make sure you choose a breeder who has experience with shorthorn cattle and who is willing to answer any questions you may have.

Once you’ve found the right breeder, you can be confident that you’ll be able to purchase a healthy and well-cared-for animal.

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