Do Squirrels Like To Eat Carrots?

Squirrels are notorious for eating anything and everything in their path. Some people believe that this is a result of being unable to find food during the winter months, but there does not seem to be any evidence supporting this theory. When it comes time to feed squirrels, many people wonder if squirrels can eat carrots as part of their diet or not.

The answer is that yes, they can eat carrots – and here’s why!

Do Squirrels Eat Carrots?

Yes, squirrels can eat carrots, they are omnivorous, which means that they eat a variety of things. They will eat plants and vegetables, as well as meat from small animals in the wild.

Carrots have a lot of nutrients in them. They are excellent sources of vitamin A, vitamin K and a good source of fiber and carbs.

Eating carrots allows squirrels to get some extra vitamins and minerals into their diets, which can help make up for any deficiencies they may have from other food sources.

Are Carrots Bad For Squirrels To Eat?

Carrots are not bad to squirrels, but they also probably don’t taste very good to them.

Squirrels Eat Carrots

Carrots are typically high in sugar content, and so may not be the first choice for many squirrels . This could mean that carrots would not usually be on a squirrel’s menu unless they were hungry enough to eat them regardless of how it tastes.

Carrots lack fats and protein which most wild squirrels need on a regular basis from their diet, such as other plant foods or small prey items such as bugs or mice.

Squirrels have been observed using their paws to explore large chunks of raw carrots due to being interested by the smell; this may lead some people to think that squirrels are particularly fond of carrots when really they are just playing with something new.

Can you feed baby squirrels with carrots?

If they are less than 6 weeks old then no, they can choke on it.

If you are rehabilitating baby squirrels, be very careful and don’t make this common mistake! The baby squirrels start eating solid food around six weeks of age. If they are older than that, you can feed them carrots.

What Else Do They Like To Eat?

One of the most endearing traits about squirrels is that they will eat just about anything.

Squirrels have been known to dig through garbage cans looking for sustenance when times get tough too…and we all know how much trash humans produce during holiday seasons.

Squirrel Eating A Carrot

Beside carrots, squirrels will eat leafy greens such as lettuce, chard, kale and arugula are on their menu! They also enjoy other delicious veggies like tomatoes, radishes, corn (sweet or savory), squash (summertime favorite!), beans. Even peas make a frequent appearance in these furry little tummies!


When it comes to feeding squirrels, carrots are a very popular food choice. They offer many health benefits for the animal and can be used as an additive in their diet when they’re not able to find enough natural foods during the winter months. 

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