Mini Lop Bunnies For Sale in Ohio

With their sweet floppy ears and cuddly personalities, Mini Lop bunnies for sale in ohio can make darling pets for your family.

The compact yet rounded Mini Lop body type reaches ideal show weights between 3.5-6 lbs. This manageable small-to-medium size makes them a great choice for kids and first-time bunny owners.

Their laidback temperament and endearing expression also adds to their appeal as pets. For those ready to welcome one of these affectionate “lap lops” into their home, finding reputable Mini Lop breeders is key.

Backyard bred bunnies may lack the health and temperament of carefully bred pedigree Mini Lops.

Feel free to reach out and contact the mini lop bunny breeders below. Schedule a time to visit and ask questions about current or upcoming availability. Below is our list of mini lop bunnies for sale in Ohio (OH).

Mini Lop Bunnies For Sale In Ohio (OH)

Mini Lop Rabbit Breeder NameBreedLocationPhone NumberWebsite
Bunny Creek Rabbitrysee list belowWellington, OHnonesee below

1. Bunny Creek Rabbitry

  • Address: Wellington, OH
  • Phone: none
  • Email:
  • Website
  • Social Media: none
  • Breed: Mini Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Creme D’Argent, New Zealands
  • Price: email or visit website to inquire

According to Bunny Creek Rabbitry “We specialize in Mini Lops, Crème D’ Argents , and Netherland Dwarfs. We also have some New Zealands for meat or pet. Our devotion to rabbits began under the guidance and support of our local 4-H club. In 2013, our rabbitry was established to foster the improvement and development of the Netherland Dwarf  breed, Mini Lop breed, and the Crème D’Argent breed.”

Mini Lop Bunny Adoption in Ohio

Rabbit AdoptionBreedLocationphone numberwebsite
Ohio House Rabbit Rescuesee websiteColumbus, OH614-263-8557see below
Buckeye House Rabbit Societysee websiteVickery, OH419-355-8433see below
Snickerdoodles Rabbit Rescuesee websiteOhionone foundsee below
Dayton House Rabbit Societysee websiteDayton, OHnone foundsee below
F5RSsee websiteYoungstown, OHnone foundsee below

1. Ohio House Rabbit Rescue

Ohio House Rabbit Rescue is located in Columbus Ohio and currently has over 12 bunnies that are available. The mission of this rabbit rescue program is to operate the “Adoption Center, rescue abandoned pet rabbits, offer a robust adoption program, and provide educational resources and programming on the proper care of rabbits as indoor companions.”

Ohio House Rabbit Rescue has events throughout the year to check out on their fb page above.

2. Buckeye House Rabbit Society

Buckeye House Rabbit Society has been helping rabbits in Ohio since 1997. They currently have 10 rabbits available for adoption and you can visit their website for more information on adoption process. Please also visit their fb page as they do offer many adoption and donation events throughout the Akron Ohio area.

3. Snickerdoodles Rabbit Rescue

Snickerdoodles Rabbit Rescue helps abandoned and neglected domestic rabbits in Ohio. They also provide free pet loss grief support and provide education to care for indoor rabbits.

4. Dayton House Rabbit Society

Dayton House Rabbit Society are an Official House Rabbit Society chapter. They have adoptable rabbits living with foster families in the Dayton, Ohio area. They strive to rescue abandoned rabbits and also provide rabbit education for the public.

5. F5RS

F5RS (Frisky Ferrets, Fuzzies, & Feathered Friends Rescue & Sanctuary) is “dedicated to the practice and promotion of the idea that life is guaranteed to all healthy, sick, injured, or behaviorally unsound animals where medical and/or behavioral intervention can provide quality of life. At our facility, each animal receives individual consideration, regardless of health, age, prior abuse or trauma, or feral status. We provide care and treatment for all animals as needed, including veterinary care, appropriate nutrition, exercise, clicker training, and socialization with people and other animals. Many animals have been adopted and found new homes thanks to F5RS, but sadly there are still many animals that still need to find homes. So if you’re considering adding a new pet to the family, please adopt a shelter animal.”

Additional Resources

We have more links to mini lop bunnies for sale in other states and countries.

If you know of another reputable mini lop bunnies for sale in Ohio, please contact us and we are happy to add it to our list.

Final Thoughts

Whether you decide to go through a breeder or adopt from a rescue, choosing the right Mini Lop bunny takes patience and diligence.

Take time to understand the breed’s care needs. Ask questions and evaluate the rabbit’s health and personality. A well-socialized Mini Lop from a responsible source will become a loving companion for years to come.

With their endearing floppy ears and friendly temperament, Mini Lops make fabulous pets for both kids and adults when properly cared for. Just be sure to bunny-proof your home before bringing one of these delightful mini lops into your family!

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